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Paddleboarding – Key Preparations Required

by Donny Stock

Many of us fancy paddleboarding expeditions and but not everyone gets to live their dream. If you too have been toying with this idea for a long time but failing to act on it then here are a few tips that will help you get into action. Lately, paddleboarding is becoming increasingly popular in Australia. More and more people have started trying this water sport. Once you learn how to paddleboard, you could enjoy unlimited hours of outdoor fun and adventure. Do not deprive yourself of all the fun that is in store for you. Here are a few simple things that you could follow to get started with paddleboarding.

Look for a good SUP store online. When you search for SUP stores countless options would be listed for you. Check the reputation of the brand you are choosing and go with a brand that enjoys good reputation because that is the only way you will be able to assure yourself good quality paddleboards and SUP supplies. Buying a paddle board for yourself is the first important step that you need to take to fulfil your paddleboarding desires. 

Make sure that you have all the required accessories and outfit for paddleboarding. You will be able to find your SUP accessories online. You do not have to drive around the city to buy your paddle board or your SUP accessories. Once you have everything you need ready, then the next step is to plan your first paddleboarding weekend. Talk to friends who already have paddleboards and who have experience paddleboarding. You could join them if they have any paddleboarding activities planned. Joining someone who already knows paddleboarding is always an added advantage as you could get some quick steps on how to balance fast. 

Remember to pack everything you need for paddleboarding. If you have an inflatable paddleboard, make sure that you are taking your pump along with you, which often people forget and ruin all their plans. Remember you are going to be outdoors exposed to sunlight for a considerable number of hours. You may want to carry your sunscreen with you too. It is also useful to carry the repair kit that comes with your inflatable paddleboard. 

Selecting the right day for paddleboarding is also very important. There is no use carrying everything you need if the day is not going to favour you. If you tag along with friends who already have enough experience in paddleboarding, they would know how to pick the right days for paddleboarding. You can learn from experience how to pick the right days for your later paddleboarding adventures. By taking care of all these basics you can make your first paddleboarding experience a memorable one. Just make sure that you have the best quality paddleboard from a trusted brand. 

Honu is a very popular brand in Australia for all types of paddleboards. This company has been in this field for several years and Honu Paddleboards are known for their quality. Visit  https://honu.com.au/ to order your paddleboards and paddleboard accessories. 


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