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Checking Out the Most Affordable Neighborhoods in Los Angeles

by Donny Stock

As one of the most popular places in California, Los Angeles has been a highly desirable destination for several decades. Hollywood, LAX, Beverly Hills, Sunset Boulevard – all well-known pieces of Los Angeles. So what are the most affordable neighborhoods if you’re hoping to relocate? 


The worst part about looking for a place to live in a popular city is sacrificing safety for savings. How many times have we all been in the position of looking at places to rent or buy and we see something that is priced JUST right – and we find out it’s because the crime in the area makes it undesirable? With this article, we want to bring you affordable and safe locations to live in Los Angeles.

Encino is just the right balance between affordability and safety with access to everything amazing the city has to offer. There are tons of places to explore, restaurants and cafes, and many little boutiques to enjoy. The area has a wonderful school system and low crime rates. Plus, one of the best benefits of living in Los Angeles is its proximity to the beach. 

Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier, and Malibu Beach are all within 40 minutes of Encino. Many residents love that they can be so close to all of the hotspots and attractions, but still live in a quiet area like Encino.


As a sparse suburban area, Palmdale is more inland than a lot of the other popular locations in Los Angeles. The climate in this area is high desert which consists of an arid climate with hot and rainless winters. It has been a large hub for the aerospace industry, as there are lots of open areas which is perfect for extra-large planes!

The area is a diverse one, with some pretty awesome public schools as well. If you have a family, looking at Los Angeles apartments for rent, and imagine yourself in a desert area, then Palmdale is just right for you! The median rent for a 1 bedroom apartment is about $1,300. As of 2023, that is an amazing price point for California. 


Another one to add to the list of great schools and safe neighborhoods is Norwalk. A cute, typical Los Angeles desert city, Norwalk is about 25 minutes from Long Beach. Rent here is around $1600 for a one-bedroom and many of the people in this area are young families. If that is the case for you as well, you may need to pay a little bit more for rent if you need more than one bedroom. However, with the average rental prices being so low, you have a high chance of finding a place that is affordable and can accommodate your family. 

Locals rave about the city’s beauty and its convenient location to airports, shopping, and the beach. They are one of the top cities in Los Angeles looking to expand on what to offer its residents. Right now they are building a new Farmer’s Market for their town and you can even watch the construction live on their website!

Some other popular areas that are a bit more affordable are Lakewood, Baldwin Park, and Montebello. If you ever needed an excuse to travel to the west coast, now would be an excellent time! Find your new hometown by searching areas that are going to offer you the best accommodations for your family’s needs. 

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