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Recommendations for 5 Exciting Tourism Villages in Semarang

by Clare Louise

If you are traveling to Semarang, try to visit the tourist villages there occasionally. The typical rural atmosphere in Semarang’s tourist villages will give you another perspective on Semarang. To make it easier for you to find tourist villages that match your interests, here are some recommendations for tourist villages in the City and Regency of Semarang. Each has its uniqueness. So, just choose what kind of atmosphere you want to feel.

  1. Malon Village

With the theme of edutourism, Malon Tourism Village, better known as Malon Natural Village, has its charm. Fun and, of course you will feel at home to linger here. This is due to the beautiful scenery, but we will also be introduced to the culture of batik. Utilizing natural products as dyes such as mangrove waste or indigofera plants, local people make stamps for batik. If you want to visit, please go directly to the Malon area, Gunungpati District where this village is located.

  • Kandri Village

The village, which is included in the Jatibarang Reservoir area is quite famous in Semarang City. Apart from its location close to the tourist destinations of Goa Kreo and Jatibarang Reservoir, this village is famous for its beautiful environment and strong rural feel. Located in Kandri, Gunungpati District, this tourist village does not have a price for an entry ticket. Here you will see traditional cultural arts that are still being preserved by the local community.

In addition, in this village there are batik, embroidery and eel cultivation. Edutourism packages to plant rice, catch eels or pick cassava, are very interesting to try. A unique experience that you don’t necessarily get in Thailand.

  • Wonolopo Village

Located in Wonolopo Village, Wijen District, this tourist village also offers edutourism packages. So besides traveling, we will also learn. Here we will learn to make herbal medicine, a traditional Indonesian herbal drink. Therefore, Wonolopo is also known as the herbal village. We will also be invited to learn to process natural waste so that it has a selling price. We can also learn to grow rice under the guidance of local farmers.

In addition to edutourism, this Wonolopo tourist village also offers agro tourism such as durian, papaya, guava, and salak typical of the local area. Simply spend the price for an entrance ticket of IDR 10,000 per person, of course your tour will get a perfect tour in Wonolopo. Dozens of comfortable homestays you can use for only IDR 150,000 per night. Coupled with the bonus of the hospitality of the Kandri residents, it is guaranteed that you will fall in love with this tourist village. For the cultural package, once a year, there is Nyadran Kali, a ritual to treat the spring, which is a source of clean water for residents.

  • Jatirejo Village

In Semarang, there is a very famous kolang-kaling processing center, namely the Jatirejo Tourism Village located in Jatirejo, Gunungpati District. Here you can find comfortable homestays so you can learn the process of making kolang-kaling directly from kolang-kaling farmers. Not only that, here you will be able to find river tubing packages that are quite adrenaline-pumping. Of course it is suitable for those of you who have a challenging and brave soul.

  • Jamalsari Village

Jamalsari Tourism Village is a new village pioneered by the local community. This tourist village is included in the Jatibarang Reservoir tourist area. If you visit Jamalsari Tourism Village, you will see the beauty of the Jatibarang Reservoir and enjoy the delicious Central Java specialties, namely the Sego Heart of Pisang Raja. We can do many activities, both nature tourism and water tourism, above the dam, such as water games in the reservoir, outbound, orchid garden, batik studio, and other very fun activities. It is guaranteed that your trip will not be in vain if you visit the Jamalsari Tourism Village located in Kedungpane, Mijen.

Whether your trips take you to a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Semarang by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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