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What Your Lip Shape Says About Your Personality

by Gerua Senia

The face-scientists across the world agree that the lips are the most prominent feature on your face and play a significant role in defining the first impressions of your personality to an observer. You might have observed that when you are happy, sad, or angry, the first external reaction is expressed with the mouth, as thoughts are communicated through the facial expressions you make. Experts opine that the shape of the indicates profound personality qualities and psychological uniqueness.

Makeup and cosmetics help you boost your confidence as they help you create the first impression precisely in the way that you would like it to be. Hair and makeup help build a complete look, and with the right tools and cosmetics, they can help you exude confidence.

What does the shape of your lips indicate about you?

A smile is perhaps the most attractive feature a woman can flaunt. The size, colour and shape of your lips signify several things about your personality. Also, it can reveal the nature of a person. If you want to communicate your personality through your look, lipstick shades can play a significant role. Red lipsticks are frequently used to communicate boldness and confidence. At the same time, mauves and wines can signify elegance and maturity. If you would like a playful and youthful look, you can pick light pinks and sheer glosses.

Different shapes of lips make a difference!

✔     Doll or Cupid

Women having this lip shape look younger. The people having doll or cupid lips are fun-loving and enjoy their life to the fullest. The famous Angelina Jolie has a flawless pout of this shape.

✔     Thin lower

Women with such kinds of lips are hardworking and committed. Besides, they are self-sufficient. Two famous Bollywood actresses, Anushka Sharma and Sonam Kapoor have these lips.

✔      Full

Most women want this kind of lip shape. The owners of this shape are said to be confidence builders. They value relationships and are kind by nature.

✔     Full upper and thin lower

Women with full upper and thin lower lips are outspoken. They do not have excessive time for lengthy explanations and wish to stick to the point though they are reflected as great listeners. These women also often have a strong spiritual side.

✔     Full lower and thin upper

Women with full lower and thin upper lips are believed to be exploratory and creative. They are kind with material belongings and share their views and concepts with others. However, they deal with stress and anxiety quite often.

✔     Wide

Women with wide lips are balanced and perfectionists. They are successful in their respective fields. Moreover, they always make good friends and are of a cherishing nature.

Wrap Up

You must have an idea about the various shapes of lips and what these may signify about one’s personality. Whatever the shape of your lips is, you must follow a dedicated lip care routine to take care of them at home.

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