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Top Hair Colours Brands You Must Try

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When it comes to hair colouring, we are always sceptical about the shade that will suit us, our hair maintenance, etc. But with a good hair colour brand, we do not need to worry about it. There are a lot of hair colour brands that are available in the market. But we are still confused as to which brand we should pick. It happens with everyone all the time. We want a hair colour brand that suits all our hair woes. Thus, it is essential to choose a brand wisely. Well, we might have seen that people who colour their hair; they experience dry and brittle ends. This is possible because they have selected the wrong hair dye.

Such dyes include ammonia that damages your hair to a great extent and there is no turning back. This damage is far more harmful than bleaching. Ammonia not only damages your hair but irritates the scalp as well. No doubt, you get beautiful and long-lasting colour. But after the first wash, you will start experiencing frizzy and unmanageable hair. This is what ammonia enriched hair dyes do. One should never go for such hair dyes because of all the valid reasons.

Now, there are dyes that do not damage our hair. Such organic dyes are infused with natural ingredients. One such hair colour brand is Godrej. Godrej Expert Easy is a natural hair dye that colours your hair without damaging it. This dye is enriched with ingredients like Amla, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Shikakai, etc., that make your hair stronger while adding colour to it. The natural conditioners of the dye nourish your hair from root to tip and promote hair growth. What’s more? Unlike ammonia infused hair dyes, this organic hair dye does not irritate your scalp. Your scalp is also taken care of along with your tresses.

Not only that, but Godrej hair dyes fix all your hair woes like split ends, dandruff, breakage, etc. It also reverses the damage done to your tresses due to external factors. Hair colours are a protective layering on your tresses that prevents dust, pollution, and other factors from taking a toll. They protect your hair in a great way. A good hair colour brand adds colour and takes care of tresses at the same time. It breathes life into your dull and tired locks with fresh, vibrant colours. Thus, it is essential to choose a natural hair dye to give our locks the maximum benefit.

Today, in this article we will be discussing about the best red and blonde hair colour ideas that give a fiery look to all the bold women out there! Have a look!

Top Hair Colour Ideas

Red and blonde hair shades are a cool twist to the classic hair shade that you have always carried. These two hair shades incorporate sweet shades of red and pink to your hair. Every millennial girl is looking up to this hair shade to get all the limelight and attention. To get the shade of red right, you first need to know your complexion. Ranging from light pinks to pop reds, your hairstylist will guide you to the best hair shade. Below are some of the cool hair trends that you can try this season and turn everyone’s head in awe! Have a look!

  1. Red Velvet & Blonde Ombre Hair Shade

Sophisticated and sexy go hand-in-hand with this hair shade! This is one of the hottest fall hair colour trends that has gained attention and popularity to a great extent. This scarlet red hair shade melts beautifully in your natural hair and makes a stunning fall hair trend. This is a unique hair idea that lessens the upkeep. It is a low-maintenance shade that reduces your salon visits. It enhances the blonde shade and gives you a gorgeous look altogether.

  1. Rose Gold Beauty with Blonde Balayage

Embrace the trendy pink hair colour with an effortless blonde shade to give your locks a dimensional look. This shade is perfect for all hair lengths and gives you a stunning look. This shade begins as pink at the root and transitions into blonde while reaching the end. This is a gorgeous shade that melts in your hair and gives you an edgy and chic look. This shade under balayage hair colouring technique is a must-try!

  1. Dark Red & Blonde Hair Colour with Highlights

To give your locks a multi-dimensional look, try out this dark red and blonde shade with highlights! Blonde red hair shade gives many shades of red and brown under natural light. It is a reflective shade that looks best with hair of equal length. Ask your hairstylist to get a perfect shade for you to give a multidimensional look.

  1. Ginger Red Hair with Caramel Highlights

Dark ginger red hair shade with caramel highlights is all that you need to spice things up! The contrast of both the shades looks absolutely stunning. This colour is perfect for women with a warmer skin tone. It adds an extra shine and brightness to the locks that you have always been looking for! Give your locks an effortless look with this amazing hair shade!

  1. Red-Violet & Blonde Balayage Hair Shade

Red-Violet and blonde balayage hair shade is a soft and beautiful hair shade that melts seamlessly in your natural hair. The warm tones of this shade look stunning with cool skin tones. Get a warmer base done first followed by a vibrant shade. This hair colour is bound to turn heads as you walk in. Try out this contrasting hair shade for an alluring look!

  1. Dark Strawberry Blonde Hair Shade

Strawberry blonde is a typically go-to shade for women with fair skin complexion. It is a great way of trying copper hair shade without committing to it! This is a low-maintenance shade that can be taken care of without any frequent visits to the salon. This hair colour keeps your tresses healthy and radiant. Try out this hair shade to give an edgy and chic look!

  1. Golden Red & Blonde Hues

Brighten your dark locks with a golden red and blonde hair shade. This hair colour gives an extra layer of shine and dimension to your locks. To maintain this shade, you need to use various products so that the colour doesn’t wash off! Give your dull and tired locks some vibrancy with this stunning hair shade. Try it out now!

  1. Burgundy with Blonde Streaks Hair Shade

This is one of the unconventional hair shades! This hair colour adds fun to your locks in the form of light blonde streaks. The burgundy shade creates an in-depth dimensional look and makes the blonde hair shade pop even more. Create this amazing look and finish it off with waves and curls.

So, these are some of the best red and blonde hair colour ideas and trends that you can try. These hair colours add dimension and are bound to turn heads in awe. If you wish to colour your hair, it is best that you choose the best hair colour brand. Godrej Expert Easy is a natural hair dye that conditions your locks while adding colour to them! This organic hair dye is infused with Amla, Reetha, Vitamin E, etc., to give your locks a fresh and healthy look. Try out the shades mentioned above and tell us which one you liked the most!

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