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Why Should Businesses Use a Multifunctional Printer?

by Gerua Senia

Nowadays, office environments have a range of requirements when it comes to their printing. For instance, they may need to print on labels or envelopes, as well as other paper formats for marketing purposes. With that said, a simple printer doesn’t tend to suffice anymore. A multifunctional printer, or MFP, might be a better alternative. 


An MFP is essentially a device that incorporates printing, scanning and photocopying as a minimum. They are a popular option in many office environments because they are more cost efficient and space efficient than having multiple devices for each functionality. Essentially, an MFP is a more practical solution than having several machines to complete the same tasks. 


Having one device is also better for your carbon footprint. They often offer double-sided printing and power saving modes, which are better from an environmental perspective and reduce company outgoings. Another bonus is that they are manufactured to be more compact, meaning they take up less space in the office. In fact, they can even take the form of a small desktop unit, although these tend to have limited functionality when compared with the freestanding alternatives. 


MFPs often allow you to print directly from a smartphone or laptop for wireless printing, even when the user is not on the premises. This provides a sense of convenience and connectivity, which in turn will increase productivity amongst your employees.


It may be beneficial to contact a managed print company who can help you determine whether or not a multifunctional device is the best option for you. You will be able to talk through your requirements and day-to-day activities and share some of your challenges, and the managed print company will be able to employ their knowledge and experience to come up with a suitable solution. 


Now that businesses are returning to work as lockdown eases, there’s no better time to start thinking about how you can run your office going forward, especially to support hybrid working. There are even print solutions that you can offer your staff who might be working from home permanently. 


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