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Few Important Features and Characteristics of Diamonds you need to know

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Are you looking for an engagement ring for your lady? Are you confused as to what would be the perfect choice for that special person in your life? Well, this is quite natural! When it comes something as royal and classy as diamond, you might find it quite confusing to select the best one. However, as far as engagement rings are concerned, there can be no other alternative to diamond rings! So, in order to find the best, you need to carry out some research. There is one important aspect which you need to take into consideration while buying a diamond ring, which is, you need to be very precise and choosy when it comes to the shape and cut of the stone. If you are looking for the best quality ring, in that case, Alexander Sparks, an online store for diamond rings should be your one-stop destination. They have a wide variety of different types of designs and styles to offer.

In the following section of this article, you will be offered a brief insight into some of the major aspects which plays a very important role in influencing the overall beauty of this stone. It can be mentioned in this regard that when it comes to diamond cuts, “Brilliant” is the most common type to be used. The name says it all!! This particular cut was invented to enhance the beauty of diamond, and also to add to its overall brilliance.

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An Overview on Different Aspects of a Diamond

A diamond, no matter how small it might be, constitutes different parts. In this section, you will be offered some idea on them

  • Table: Every diamond surface comes with a flat facet; this is what known as the diamond table. It is the table, which plays a major role in determining the beauty and class of a diamond. The rays of light gets refracted through the table, which then passes through other facets; which makes the diamond shine and sparkle. The dispersion and entry of the light is determined by the table’s proportion. In case of a diamond with a large table, there would very little amount of space available for the facets on the crown for dispersion of light. On the other hand, in case of diamonds with small tables, reduced amount of light would enter through it, which would decrease the overall brightness of the diamond.
  • Girdle: Girdle of a diamond is the belt which segregates the pavilion and the crown. When it comes to measuring the diameter of a diamond, it is done from one edge of a round to the edge of the round at the opposite side. The surface of the diamond’s round can be polished, rough or faceted. Usually, those diamonds which are polished and round, comes with round faceted. Like other parts, it is very important to ensure that a precise proportion is maintained as far as the round of the diamond is concerned. If the round is too thin, in that case, it can lead to cracks. On the other hand, too thick round can affect the diamond’s overall proportion.
  • Crown: The crown of a diamond is its faceted portion, right at the top of it. When a diamond is set in a ring, it is this portion which becomes visible. Light disperses through this portion of the diamond. Typically, the crown of a diamond comes with 8 kites, 32 facets and 8 starsands. The overall appearance and look of the diamond is being significantly affected by the crown’s angle. Usually, those diamonds which comes with 36 and 32 degree angles, produces a very bright reflection of light.
  • Base of a Diamond or Culet: This is the point of diamond which is located at its base. It is at this point where the facets of the diamond’s pavilion converge into. In most of the diamonds, it is made sure that the facets of the pavilion are being evenly cut, which forms a cannula.
  • Pavilion: The lower portion of the brilliant of a diamond is its pavilion, which is located under the griddle. When a diamond is set in a ring, the pavilion gets hidden. However, when it comes to producing the burst of lights, it is the pavilion which plays a very important role. The refraction of lights largely depends on the pavilion’s angle. In case of a shallow pavilion, the appearance of the diamond would be a bit dark, as the light would pass its bottom, without making its way to the facets. On the other hand, in case of a deep pavilion, the light would escape through the side of the diamond. This can result in a dull appearance of a diamond.

Choosing the Right Kind of Diamond is Easy these days

These days, if you are looking for a good quality diamond, things have become much easier for you. There are plenty of different online stores available which deals in quality diamonds, that meet the standards. In terms of price, there are multiple different options available for you to choose from. Besides, there is an array of different types of size, cuts and designs which you can have access to from the comfort of your home. However, it is always useful to have some basic knowledge about some of the important aspects of a diamond, as it will give you a better understanding about the quality


Diamonds are available in a wide variety of different sizes and cuts. However, for a special occasion like engagement, you need to make sure that you have chosen a reasonably good quality diamond, if not the best.  This is where your knowledge about diamond would come handy. While you are going through the collection of diamonds, don’t forget to check their specifications, where various features in terms of pavilion, crown and other aspects of the diamond would be mentioned. Make sure to know that you are spending your money on something, which is worth it and meets the occasion.

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