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5 Safe Ways to Calm Your Dog´s Enthusiasm

by Gerua Senia

Dogs are called ¨man’s best friend¨ and with good reason. These creatures are loyal and protective, all while being cute and adorable and loving. Dogs have an impeccable instinct when it comes to protecting their territories, and that includes their human masters or companions. No matter the size or breed, they are sure to be always on alert when it senses that their humans are in danger, making them the perfect family protection dogs.

Aside from their protective nature, dogs also have seemingly boundless energy and love playing – whether with humans or their fellow dogs, or any animal that will play with them. Because of the boundless energy and their playful nature, some dogs tend to get over-excited and become hyper dogs. Different breeds have varying energy levels and excitement levels, but too much energy and excitement can be stressful to both dogs and humans when the dogs become difficult to control.

Here are a few safe ways to calming down or curbing a dog´s enthusiasm or excitement:

Keep Calm. Dogs can sense human energy and this adds to their already worked upstate. Dogs and humans that have been together for a long time already have a bond and can sense each other´s excitement. For new dogs, however, this bond has not yet been formed so it’s important for the humans to exhibit calm behavior so they can better control the dogs and train them to calm down with short commands. Avoid shouting in anger or frustration at the dog.

Ignore. When there is no real danger, an overly excited dog calms down when nobody pays any attention to it. This means no eye contact, no touching, or petting until it stops barking or jumping around. But if there is a real danger, a dog will keep trying to get attention but in an urgent manner and will find ways to let you know that trouble is afoot.

Eye contact. For dogs and humans that have been bonded for a long time, eye contact is enough to calm an overly enthusiastic dog. One look at the human and he already knows that all is well and there is no need for too much excitement.

Exercise. This can be good for both dogs and humans. A dog with too much energy and excitement needs to use up all that extra energy and taking a long walk or playing with them is one way to expend all of it. Find ways to challenge your dog through games like searching for treats or little puzzles that will make him think.

Aromatherapy. Dogs have an amazing sense of smell and certain scents can help calm them down. This may require working with a veterinarian to find which scents are safe for dogs and which ones will be effective in calming them down.

It is important to remember that dogs have different personalities, too, even if they are the same breed. Each dog has a unique temperament, and patience is a virtue when it comes to calming down an overly excited dog. For some, it may take a lot of work, and for some, it may not be difficult at all. But one thing is for sure, once they learn calm behavior, they become the best family protection dogs and the best kind of companions too. Please visit here for more details: https://www.vonwabo.com

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