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When Is The Right Time To Replace Your Old Mattress?

by Donny Stock

Most humans are known to spend one-third of their lives in bed. And when not awarded quality sleep, our day-to-day wellness and performance are gravely affected. In the longer run, it ultimately affects our physical health. And, the entire concept of our sleep is regulated by how good our mattress is. Without thinking about when to change our mattress and what consequence can a bad one bring to us, we go on using the same old one. So here are some of the indications that will make you aware of when to change your mattress:


Any mattress that is over 10 years of age call for instant replacement. Some have a life of just 5 years and enough wear and tear in them is not ideal for long use.

Wear & tear

Wear and tears in mattresses can be evident through visible sagging, divots, tearing, lumping or even springs. Also, if the entire mattress is falling apart, it is wise to not use it for sleeping. Using mattresses that do not support your back and neck right can lead you to have spondylitis for over years.

Pain in the morning

A stiff back or sore back every morning is an indication of how poor your mattress has become. Besides these, you can also have a numb neck and shoulders or tingling in your arms and legs. All of the reasons account for how unreliable your mattress has become.

Uncomfortable sleep

A poor mattress can also prevent you from having a comfortable night sleep. You might constantly toss and turn or have frequent breaks in sleep. This is a big sign for mattress replacement.


There can be an occurrence of recurrent sneezing, headaches, nasal congestion, or sniffles that tend to disappear in the day. This can be due to the allergy you are facing due to the materials used inside your mattress. It can also be due to the chemicals present in it.


If you get affected by your movement on the mattress, it is time to get a new one that resists or minimizes motion transfers and gives you a good night’s sleep.

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