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How to Start Your Mental Glow up

by Donny Stock

A glow up used to only refer to physical improvements, as in you get a glow up in adulthood after you go through that awkward teenage phase and learn the basics of grooming and personal hygiene. There’s also another kind of glow up that you should work on: a mental glow up. This means improving your mindset and views on life to show that you have officially reached adulthood.

Ready for your mental glow up? Here’s how to start:

Stay on top of your finances

Having a mental glow up doesn’t mean you suddenly have everything in order, but it means being aware of the areas that need additional work. If you found it hard to curb your love for sweets back when you were a teenager, your mental glow up would involve being aware of this and trying to find ways to improve your habits. This also means setting aside a good portion of your income for the rainy days. An emergency fund is a good indicator of your mental glow up.

Knowing how to choose products that work for you

Back when you were in your adolescence, you may not have had the financial freedom to style your own clothes or choose brands you personally love. It makes sense that as soon as you start earning a paycheck, you go all out on your shopping sprees. Once you’ve gone past that initial shock of having disposable income, it’s time to learn to be more intentional with your purchase. This means saying yes to a toner for combination skin but saying no to a cheaper moisturizer that makes your skin look more oily. This also means taking the time to find a foundation that fits your skin tone rather than settling for one that is just okay. When you have a mental glow up, you learn to care for yourself on all fronts.

Understand the importance of rest

The biggest indicator of a mental glow up is your renewed understanding of the importance of rest. Back when you were young, it felt like you had an endless amount of energy and you could go for hours without needing sleep, but as you navigate the busy and exhausting life of work, you start to notice the signs of burnout. To avoid these from happening, you take your breaks and be more mindful of the projects on your plate. You also understand the importance of recharging and spending time with your family, which is why work-life balance is your priority.

You learn to say no

Protecting your mental health and having a glow up in this aspect means walking away from things that don’t enrich your life or align with your personal goals. Rather than being friends with everyone, you are content with a handful of friends you can really connect with. You learn that time is a finite resource and so you only want to spend it with people who truly care about you.

Everyone should work not just on a physical glow up, but on a mental glow up as well. On days when you feel at your worst, remember to care for yourself first and everything else will follow.

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