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How a salon POS can help to increase customer satisfaction 

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“Exceeding client expectations”- is a tagline that every brand aspires – perhaps nowhere is it more relevant than in beauty and wellness industry. The present- day client’s do not limit themselves to just availing a service, instead they seek an experience. The visit to a salon isn’t to just get a haircut, pedicure, facial or assorted treatments but to relax and rejuvenate themselves as skilled salon staff work relentlessly to transform their looks. Therefore, the entire experience has multiple variables that are beyond the basic service sought. These variables are ease of booking an appointment, efficiency of check-in, wait times at the store, and convenience with which customer can accomplish their task such as payment. As a result more and more salons are focusing on delivering a complete experience. However, did you know that your salon POS software can assist you in delivering the experience? Here is how it can do so

Easy & Convenient Booking

Increasing number of clients making booking at odd hours or when it convenient to them, businesses need to be able to respond beyond the stipulated work hours. A POS software enables your business to respond to the customer 24x7x365. Whether it is instant online booking, during business hours or prior booking anytime, the POS software should make the process easy and complete it in just a few steps. To cite an example, the salon POS software from Zenoti allows customers to complete their appointment booking in just about 4 steps. Should the customer ever need to reschedule or cancel an existing booking, the same can also be accomplished in a few clicks. 

Streamline Check-in 

The customer is either in a rush or harried but is always seeking a relaxed atmosphere and wants to feel important. Therefore, the last thing he or she would like to hear, “Give us a minute to fetch your records”. A POS software eliminates the need for your front desk to ever come up with such a response as it shows up the customer records just prior to the appointment. Thus, no sooner does the customer walks in, the check in process is complete and the customer can be walked to the allocated salon chair. Moreover, as the POS keeps a complete record of a client’s purchase history, it enables the stylist to upsell products matching the customer’s profile. Client’s greatly appreciate the attention to detail which the stylist or the front desk staff gives to their tastes and experience a more satisfying visit. 

Make their exit lighting fast

Having spent a few hours at the salon, clients do not see any reason to lounge around and add to their wait times for invoicing. Waiting just to clear the invoice often gets annoying. The billing POS software is equipped with a track and trace transaction system, and can generate the service invoice as soon as the customer checks-in. Any additional services and product purchases can be added to the existing invoice and saved. Thus, in a less than a minute the invoice is ready can be presented to the customer for payment. 

Multiple Payment Options

The last thing a customer wants to hear is regret for his or her preferred payment method. It is a no brainer that customers choose their payment method based on their understanding of technology and the level of comfort they have with technology. Thus, it is important that the business is equipped to handle payments through multiple methods such as charge cards, credit cards, phone based payment systems and instant bank transfers. A POS software equips your business to be able to accept payments through multiple modes and allow customers to have a complete ease of mind. 

Feedback & Rating

“We Hear You” – is perhaps the favourite phrase that a customer wants to hear. The last thing you want is a customer who rants on social media, and damages your image. For each service that is provided, it is important to seek the customers feedback to not only gauge their level of satisfaction but also evaluate the performance of your employee. Aside from individual rating for the services, salons must have the entire experience assessed to find the business processes that can be further improved. Therefore, provide an outlet for your customers to provide feedback and suggestions. A POS software provides a right platform for the customer to submit their responses, express their displeasure. The software can easily help you analyse the responses received to find the pain points to address them. Moreover, it can also help the client keep a tab on the progress of the complaint raised. The faster a complaint is resolved and the customer receives the feedback the higher is the level of satisfaction. 

A salon/spa POS software if implemented correctly comes with a host of both tangible and intangible benefits. Thus, much care should be taken to evaluate each and every feature of the POS software and see how it aligns with the mission and vision of your business. When deployed correctly, it is your best friend to grow your business. 

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