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5 Top Wire and Cable Manufacturers in the USA

by Paul Petersen

Wires and cables are related very closely and they have a variety of applications in our modern life. Cables are just a structure containing multiple wires and can be used for everything from data and power transmission to control and structural uses depending on their structure and the materials used in them. Over the years, wires and cable manufacturing has turned into a billion-dollar industry in the US and many new startups have found their way into this industry. Here we have listed some of the best wire and cable manufacturers in the US in descending order according to their annual sales. Let’s have a look. 

1. Belden Inc. 

Belden Inc. is the American cable manufacturer that was founded back in 1902. For more than a century now, they have been serving the industry with their high-quality networking and cable products. They design, manufacture, and market various signal transmission products that have demanding applications. 

Based in Richmond, VA, Belden has reached a milestone of more than 250 million US dollars in its annual sales by serving the market with commercial and industrial cables. Their products include fiber, copper, audio-video, data bus, industrial Ethernet, VFD, and multi-conductor cable. They also provide network connectors, assemblies, switches, cabinets, as well as various other accessories. 

2. Alpha Wire Co.

Another top of the line American cable manufacturer, Alpha Wire Co. was founded in 1921 and have served the industry with some excellent products for almost a century now. Generating somewhere around $250 million in annual sales, they offer high-quality standard and custom cables and copper wires. Their products include hook-up wire, eco-friendly wires and cables, and industrial cables. They offer inspection & testing services to a wide clientele as well. 

3. Lake Cable

One of the top wire and cable manufacturers in the US, Lake Cable are based in Bensenville, IL and they have been serving the market since 1995. Even though they’re considered a newer market entrant, they have marched their way into the top three cable manufacturers in the industry with their superior service and manufacturing standards. They generate around $250 million in annual sales by serving the industry with custom and standard cables for instrumentation, thermocouple, tray, fire alarm, HVAC, communication, broadcast, and various utility applications. They also offer special colors of cable jackets, custom lengths and printing, custom packaging, and white-label manufacturing services. 

4. TriMark Corporation

TriMark was founded in 1971 and they generate up to $100 million in annual sales by offering custom and standard door system cables along with different door hardware. They are based in New Hampton, IA. 

5. Philatron Wire & Cable

Philatron Wire & Cable is an American manufacturer based out of Santa Fe Springs, CA that manufactures and supplies cables in bulk across the US. They supply molded cable assemblies as well. Specializing in coiled cables and extra-large flexible cables, they make up to $50 million in annual sales.

Besides these market giants, HELTRONICS is another rising cable manufacturer in the US-based out of Berks County, Eastern Pennsylvania. They specialize in electromechanical assemblies, wire and cable harnesses, control panel assemblies, and repair & refurbishment services. Considering how they have progressed since their inception in 2008, soon we’ll see them among these top manufacturers of wires and cables in the US too. Please visit here for more details: https://heltronics.com/cable-and-wire-harness 

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