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5 Reasons why Property Guard has the Best Short Term Rental Tracking Software

by Gerua Senia

Short term rental is renting your property to someone for less than 31 days. It usually replaces the typical hotel or motel stay. Short term rental is very popular in areas where tourism is strong. People have an option to stay in a house away from the hustle and bustle or a themed room that is a home away from home.

Data analysis is a very important part of real estate evaluation. This will give you all the data gathered and you can make a decision based on them. Short term rental analysis plays a huge role in real estate investment.

The advent of short term rental has boomed and travelers have searched for short term rental instead of traditional hotels.

The Importance Of Short Term Rental Analysis

Finding a good neighborhood is important if you are going to buy a property. Tourism must be booming to capture the market.

Tapping New Markets

By riding an upward trend, you can be first in the real estate industry to provide accommodations to travelers.

What makes property guard good?


Having short term rental software can save you a lot of time in browsing for rules in your area. Property Guard can help you sift through online ads and you do not have to manually search. The software does it for you.

Access To Listings

Property Guard can run through 10,000 listings and sort them based on data points where you can even see who are the hosts that are not always online.


You will receive a report that contains the information you need. The good thing about Property Guard is that you can get a good summary and decide where you want to go for now. You can review the descriptions, photos, and keywords.


Property Guard is created by a team of property managers who has experience in renting out properties. They have experts who are available day and night should you have any questions. 


Property Guard prides itself that it can help streamline the process for short term rentals and monitor if the tenants are following the set of rules and regulations. They have made a lot of improvements in the searching algorithm, in addition to experienced staff who know the different techniques that hosts try to pull.

These are just some of the factors why Property Guard can help a lot of property managers manage their rental properties remotely. By receiving a daily digest, they can see the information shared and work on improvements and making the property more saleable to travelers or short term renters.

Property Guard is a very useful tool for property managers so that they can monitor the rental properties without worrying about it.  They have a good track record in property management to help property managers save money and resources.

Having a reliable short term rental analysis can help you get ahead of the others. After you receive data, it is up to you to use it to your advantage to get the best out of the rental properties you are handling. Please visit here for more details: https://propertyguard.io/short-term-rental-data-and-analytics 

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