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SSI Benefits – Planning For Children with Special Needs

by Donny Stock

Raising children is already expensive; now imagine raising disabled children. The expenses are way beyond our predictions. It begins from paying for special therapies the child needs, paying for the expenses once they become adults, where they live, and overseeing or caring for them after the parents are gone.

Even while most of the issues requiring confrontation are financial, some cases can demand parents to give up work and care for the disabled child. You have no choice but to think beyond your own lifespan.

Suppose you have a child or someone in your family who needs help paying for medical or personal expenses because of the nature of the disability or special care needs. In that case, Supplemental Security Income (SSI Benefits for Children) can be of assistance. 

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Most people are aware of Social security and its place in the nation’s retirement system. Based on some factors, including work history, people get benefits after retirement. Children with disabilities can also qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). It’s a different program for the parents or guardians of the children to apply for through the Social Security Office. 

What Are SSI Benefits for Children?

SSI comes through a federal Social Security Administration program. It’s a system that offers monthly cash assistance for children’s personal and medical needs. You may sometimes hear it being called “disability benefits.”

The expectation for these benefits is to cover food, shelter, personal needs, and other medical and dental care that isn’t under health insurance. However, you need to apply. The requirement from social security is for the child’s SSI to be received by a payee who is most often a parent. The payee bears the responsibility of ensuring the child’s SSI is spent for the child’s benefit.

Also, the amount of payment from SSI varies. It depends on the state you live in or if your child has any countable income. SSI program mustn’t be confused for SSDI. They are entirely different benefits.

Although the SSI is available to children with disabilities, the application process can sometimes be challenging. Based on your family’s income, you must meet the requirements for SSI. 

Who is eligible for the SSI Benefits for Children?

For a child to access the SSI benefits for children, certain criteria must be met:

  • Based on the unique SSI formula, your family or people living in your home must have a limited source of income or owned financial benefits.
  • For a child to be eligible, he or she must have a condition that can result in severe limitations and impairment capable of lasting at least 12 months or may result in death.
  • The child must have a disability (physical or mental) or special health care requires that restricts their daily activities.
  • Children of 18 years and above will be scored based on only their income or resources. It gives more chances for children to be the SSI as adults if they couldn’t meet the requirement as children.

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