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How To Choose Designer Tiles For The Bathroom And Kitchen?

by Paul Petersen

Tiling the walls has taken precedence over painting as it is a one-time investment that is easier to maintain and is durable over the long term. But this also means that you will have to look at the same tiles for a very long time. How about we help you to select the best designer tiles for your interiors so that you will enjoy them in the long run?

1) Select the right material as per your budget

Ceramic tiles should be your go-to option when it comes to tiling the kitchen and the bathroom. Both these areas are regularly exposed to moisture and water, which means they need to be cleaned regularly and also should have friction to avoid slipping. If not, the next best options are porcelain and sandstone.

2) Opt for floral tile patterns

You want your bathroom to look refreshing and the same applies to your kitchen. Play with colors and florals and see what looks best as per the renovation theme and then select the tiles that offer the best views. Keep in mind that these tiles are here for a long time. You might as well get something that’s great to look at.

3) Select the tile size as per area availability

You do not want the wall to look clustered. Tiling can be a messy job if you select the wrong tile size for the walls. Tiles of different shapes and sizes are available, consult with your contractor and decide which combination might look the best for your bathroom and kitchen. Also, go for tiling only where necessary. Do not do it because you have to as every home cannot pull that look.

4) Keep maintenance in mind

Light-colored tiles that reflect sunlight are great for indoors but they are likely to get dirty soon. You need to keep in mind that you will have to regularly clean your walls. Now, tiles make it easy for cleaning and maintenance as you can get them all sparkly with one swipe of a wet cloth and some soap water for the stubborn stains, but still, it is suggested that you opt for darker shades wherever possible.

You can shop for tiles online at Carreaux Metro kitchen tiles and also get a quotation for tiling your kitchen and bathroom. Here’s to a happy tiling and renovating experience.

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