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5 Reasons Why MyBizzHive will Make Freelancers Happy And Boost Their Income

by Clare Louise

Freelancers often get the freedom of working with their own schedule and work with multiple clients simultaneously. However, as the number of clients increases and the new projects start coming in, things start getting a bit messier for them. They are running after the deadlines, interacting with their clients to discuss important project details, managing invoices, and doing a lot of stuff other than working on the tasks that have been assigned to them.

Sounds too distracting, right? If you’re also going through a similar situation, you probably need to invest in a quality tool like MyBizzHive known to manage CRM for freelancers ever more effectively. So, how exactly it can help you boost your income?

1. Keeps Your Business Organized

Proper organization is probably the key area where most freelancers struggle and it affects their productivity significantly. The first and foremost benefit you get with MyBizzHive is that it streamlines things for you to keep your business at your fingertips. From quotes to invoices and payments, everything is managed through a simple and intuitive interface to allow you to make your workflow seamlessly so that you save time and make the most of your efforts.

2. Helps Manage Leads To Increase Sales

With MyBizzHive, you get an end-to-end view of all your prospects in a single place. It helps you to better keep track of your journey with them from initial inquiry to closing the deal. You can follow up with them, use reminders, and take notes, serve them with everything they need before you take them on board and start providing services they need.

With MyBizzHive, you can significantly increase sales as the leads are more streamlined and organized than ever that you can’t miss out on any opportunity to grow your business.

3. Quotes Become Easier and Customizable

Like many other platforms, you can use MyBizzHive to create your own packages and define terms. However, because no one thing fits all, you can always customize quotes to meet the needs of your prospects. Giving customized solutions always helps increase your chances of closing the deal and boosting your income. The software also keeps you on top of the proceedings by managing all the legwork for you as it keeps the bookings schedule updated automatically and generates invoices for you.

You are even notified when a customer accepts your quotes and makes a deposit.

4. Easy Access To Your Account

The software makes it easy for you to access your account from anywhere and on any device. There is no need for any app to be installed to access your CRM account on MyBizzHive.

5. Easy and Secure Payment Processing

With MyBizzHive, freelancers don’t have to worry about their payments and don’t even have to work with their clients on what channels will be used to process payments. Customers are invoiced automatically, and they pay using their credit card or PayPal. The payments are then transferred to your attached PayPal with you incurring no extra commissions or costs.

CRM for freelancers can be a great way to be more productive, boost sales, and enjoy great cost savings. Get your MyBizzHive account today and reap all the benefits.

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