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Women’s Sober Living Housing Is More Vital Than Ever

by Donny Stock

Sober living isn’t easy – it’s a multi-step process that people can end up focusing on for the rest of their lives. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. Sobriety is hard to reach, with anywhere from 40-60% of people relapsing within a year. That’s why women’s sober living housing is so important to the overall health of both the addict and the people around her. Here’s everything you need to know about sobriety, treatment options, and facilities.

What Is Sober Living?

Group therapy in a sober living environment is much more effective than facing sobriety alone. These facilities provide a safe space for you to live, evolve, and understand how to face the challenges of everyday life. It’s a place for you to transition from a rehabilitation facility into normal living conditions. This can be even harder for a woman, especially if you’re a mother.

Your safety is guaranteed while you practice your newfound sobriety while dealing with the obstacles of every day life. House managers enforce strict no-substance policies and protect you with regular drug and alcohol screenings. This reinforces your sobriety and ensures temptation is removed from everybody.

It’s not just a roof over your head either – our house managers provide group counseling sessions and other activities to keep you active and talking. You’ll learn to work as a team while provided your own bed, dresser, closet, and even a flat-screen television and Wi-Fi to stay connected to the outside world. You learn to prepare meals, clean your laundry, and maintain your household, without the need to turn to drugs or alcohol as solutions.

Even better, you’ll be surrounded by other women just like you. Let’s discuss why women’s sober house living is important.

Why Choose Women’s Sober Living Housing?

Our women’s house is fully furnished and outfitted with all the modern amenities. You’ll receive a bed in a shared room, pillows, blankets, and sheets, along with a decorated living area to encourage gatherings. That’s just the start – you’ll also have a fully stocked kitchen. We have all the appliances, dishes, and utensils you need to create a magical meal for yourself or to share with everyone else.

You’ll get structured living with community standards enforced evenly across the board. This includes a strict prohibition of any drugs or alcohol. This maintains accountability and reinforces everyone’s safety during their stay. All of our women also receive regular drug and alcohol screening, counseling, and treatment. Local support group sessions are available as you reintegrate back into society.

If you’re considering sobriety, women’s sober living housing has exactly what you need.

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