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Why Should You Use Autoclave Aerated Concrete In Your Construction?

by Donny Stock

Autoclave aerated concrete is a low weight marital. Foam concrete materials are used in buildings and they are composed of gypsum, lime, cement, water, and powder of Aluminium and after that, they are soaked under heat.

Autoclave aerated concrete is used mostly in interior and exterior parts of the construction and sometimes there is a cote of plaster in the upper portion so that they can protect the underparts of the concrete. The installation process is easy that workers can set up.

Advantages of AAC Products

  • It can reduce heat so that you make your building cool. If you use AAC products than your summer days can be pleasant and that is why building contractors use this material.
  • As the cutting of this material is accurate it gets fixed in the wall.
  • As the installation process is easy for you that you don’t have to pay an extra charge for fixing.
  • It is long-lasting for that you do not need to spend money more than one time.
  • If somehow your building is in the fire then don’t worry AAC product can mark you safe because it has resistance power.

Disadvantages of AAC Products

  • Sometimes the concrete can get cracked after the installation process. But you can reduce the crack by making a paste of Paris, Sand, Lime, Water, etc. After patching up it will seem dry.
  • It is brittle for that you have to grab it very carefully or else the block can be damaged.
  • When you are using the concrete the wall will have to be thin on that you will settle the blocks. If you set up your mind that you will fix AAC products then you will have to make the walls thin.
  • There are multiple sizes if the blocks before fixing it you need to make a calculation, how much blocks are needed to cover the whole. If you do not make a calculation then it can be a waste of money.

If you are interested to buy such concrete and fix them in your house then Aerated Concrete Price (ราคา อิฐมวลเบา, which is the term in Thai) must be an important thing to keep in mind. There are multiple prices for this concrete being charged in the market depends on its size. The common size of aerated concrete is 12 in. ×4In. ×2In and 9In. ×4In. ×3In. But you can get other sized as well at a very affordable price.

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