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Why including NPS in your tax planning early in life is a smart move

by Gerua Senia

In case you are searching for a secure retirement option, then the central government’s National Pension System (NPS) is a prudent option. You might be wondering why. Well, the NPS scheme is a social security scheme available to employees of all sectors – unorganised, private, and public. In this scheme, you can make regular investments in your pension account throughout your employment tenure. You not just accrue interest constituent upon investment, but the account also serves as a pension scheme for you post your retirement. 

On retirement, you can withdraw a specific percentage of your investment and the remaining funds are disbursed as a fixed monthly pension. Read on to know why you must consider hitting on the offline or online NPS account opening option early in your work life. Along with this, let’s understand the distinct types of NPS schemes. 

What are the types of NPS schemes?

NPS tier I and tier II are the two kinds of NPS accounts. The major difference between the two account types is that while NPS tier I qualifies for a tax deduction as per section 80C and section 80CCD 1(B) of the Income Tax Act, 1961, tier II NPS subscription offers no tax benefits. However, under tier II, you can withdraw at any given point of time. In the case of NPS tier I, premature withdrawals are permitted subject to the withdrawal rules as per regulatory guidelines 

Why must you begin investing in NPS early in life?

This investment scheme, like other investment options, permits gradual investment in the form of periodic investments where annuity pay-outs are provided post retirement. Here are some important benefits you must know about:

Compounding effect 

The compounding effect refers to the concept of yielding higher returns from your current returns and capital. You can make the most out of the compounding effect only if you invest early in your life. This is because the earlier you start investing, the lower amount you require to invest to form your financial corpus over time. Investing to meet the same goal of retirement later in life requires you to invest a higher amount. Also, like mutual funds, as NPS invests in the market, investing early endows your NPS contribution with a longer time frame to recover from market volatility, if any. 

Adds financial discipline

As NPS is often considered to generate an adequate retirement corpus over a long time, it is crucial to invest periodically in this retirement scheme to reach your goal. Periodic investments in NPS allow you to inculcate financial discipline, which, in turn, discourages you from making impulse purchases or going off budget. 


As an NPS subscriber, you get the flexibility to shift from One Pension fund Manager to another without worrying for the capital gain taxes. You can even change your mode i.e., from active to auto and vice versa based on your preference. You can make the most out of this flexibility offered only if you begin investing in NPS early. Starting with NPS early allows you to better assess your risk appetite level and based on that, you can decide on the investment type best suited for you. In case you are unaware of the monthly contribution you must make in NPS to reach a specific retirement corpus, you can use an online NPS scheme calculator to make an informed decision. 


As your investment in NPS is distributed across equity and debt, it permits you to get market exposure as well as stability. Also, as NPS invests in equity, it is recommended to stay invested for the long term as equity is volatile over the short run. However, equity as an asset class has the potential to outperform other asset classes over the long run by a wide margin. Only if you start early can you remain invested in NPS for long. 

Ending note

To enjoy your golden days without any worries, it is recommended to invest in the NPS scheme. By beginning your investments early, you can effectively prepare for a peaceful and hassle-free retirement life.


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