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Why are Videos Important for a Digital Media Agency?

by Paul Petersen

For any company that wants to rank at the top of search results, content marketing is essential to achieve that goal. This strategy plays with marketers’ multiple actions to add value to their posts, articles, lead magnets, campaigns, social media content, and more. Among its efforts is the inclusion of video as a complement to the strategy.

Video is generally used by brands with other strategies to create quality content for their consumers or users. These contents seek to inform, attract the audience’s attention, and offer them a differential value of each brand or company. Inbound marketing or attraction marketing is critical to acquiring new leads.

Video Marketing

Audiovisual is an ideal branding option, as businesses can increase their content to attract prospects and entertain existing customers.

This approach is being explored more and more because it offers considerably more flexibility when creating a campaign and, at the same time, maximizes creativity.

From BriteIdea Marketing Group, we want to share why videos are important for content marketing:                          

Enhanced content dynamism

You can render content quicker, richer, and more dynamical with video. Image or audio are strategies that are less interactive and minimize information volume. Contrary to the text, communication is done more efficiently.

Touch of emotion

It allows users to better communicate with thoughts and feelings.

Life to creativity

Pushing out a video is much more expensive than writing an article because its resources involve a more significant investment. Despite this, it is essential to highlight that the producer or content manager’s high creativity can achieve a good result; achieving a good return on investment.

Greater reach

Videos are the content most visited by users on the internet. YouTube is a faithful example that this type of content generates greater visibility and virality.

Variety in content

The video option allows you to create multiple documents for different platforms. From documentaries and shorts clips to commercials, video is a versatile and adaptable resource.

Given that the reasons stated above present numerous advantages of using video as part of content marketing, a digital media agency must take this tool into account to achieve greater visibility and scope of the promotion of their products or services.

Greater reach

The most viewed material on the internet is videos. YouTube is a real example of enhanced exposure and viral marketing that this form of content provides.

Content variety

You can build several documents on different platforms using video. Video is a flexible and adaptable platform from documentaries and flash animations to advertisements.

As the factors above have many advantages using video for content marketing, a digital media agency needs to consider to increase their brands or services’ exposure and scope for promotion. Being clear about the benefits that video offers, we can go on to describe specific tips to create excellent audiovisual content.

As we can see, video marketing is currently a technique that every company must implement to add value to its branded content. It will lead to greater engagement of the target audience and, in turn, better conversions if it is appropriately developed. At BriteIdea Marketing Group, we trust in creating optimal content, developed by professionals who are experts in this type of content. We bet on quality in our digital media agency to create video pieces and other content.                                

Video Marketing, a significant trend for a campaign

Did you know that the content strategy of your competitors is already focused on video? Such as digital advertising on YouTube. According to a recent Hubspot study, 81% of brands are currently doing video marketing.

In recent years, video is one of the main trends and will also be in the coming years.

In the United States, 85% of all Internet users viewed video content on any of their mobile devices during the month (Statista, 2018)

Video is used as a tool in campaigns by 87 percent of marketers (Wyzowl, 2019)

Videos are what people want to see from the brands they follow via social media. (French edition of Animoto, 2018)

The ROI for social media videos is sufficient for 88 percent of marketers (Animoto, 2018)

When consumers have both text and video on a page to learn more about a product or service. 72% prefer the audiovisual alternative in this situation. (Wyzowl, 2018)

More than text, video captivates!  95% of the audience is more responsive to the call-to-action when viewed on video than 10% when read. (Forbes, 2017)

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