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What is Parental Alienation and why does it Matter?

by Gerua Senia

Family problems had always existed and now it goes into different directions as per parenting consumes it to be. Parental alienation has become a day to day life common problem and once can easily detect through the behavior of the child is too much negative on one parent, without any prior reasons to be present. Is this is mostly a result of over-parenting? Or negative parenting? Some consider being the latter as children don’t behave in such a way without any biased lurking. Want to know more? Read here on what is parental alienation and why does it matter?

What is parental alienation?

If you ask, it is a situation when a parent negatively impacts a child against the other parent, with negative influences, physically and mentally harming the good relationship with the form of hatred. Most psychologists have already regarded it as a form of physical abuse to the children and should not be practiced nor influenced in any form.

Parental alienation can be a cause to deprive more family relationships to mere pieces when one of the parents doesn’t think or neglects the need of another. This gives usual rise to hatred for the other (or as known in sense, the targeted parent of alienation) which the negatively minded one puts into the child. This kind of situation can not only disturb good family values but also render a child’s childhood full of setbacks and negative memories. And these will affect him or her throughout his whole life.

Why does parental alienation matter?

Parental alienation matters for a variety of reasons. One of those includes these small reasons that count for the mental health of the child. Like,

  1. The child being traumatized for the rest of his/her life in such negative influences that also impact generations.
  2. Development of negative thoughts against the target parent and disrupting the relationship to the mere ground.
  3. Rise of bad memories mentally on the child.
  4. Such hatred can divide family relationships with ease.
  5. The targeted parent living in a life of negativity.

All these are just primary reasons and the most important of them is the child getting traumatized due to bad influences. Once developed purely negatively, those thoughts cannot be reverted back at all and they stay for life long.

Alienating behaviors, on the other hand, can do a great deal of damage to the parent-child relationship. Like, the child completely denying the value of the relationship in the open world. Behaving in a rude and bad manner towards the parent. Acknowledging existence as a mere form of a joke.

 The targeted parent will not find any sort of encouragement from his family at all, especially from his own child that might give some support and courage to continue with this life. Such situations can be mentally challenging and lead to certain disasters.

Considering such circumstances, parental alienation and its better care are very much important. There is no form of treatment on such issues and the only thing lies is to deal with it before it gets too late.

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