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Ways to Show Commitment to Your Employees During the COVID-19 Period

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) is one of the most distractive and destructive things in recent history. After starting in China in March 2020, the pandemic spread fast across the globe, forcing governments to shut down their countries and cities. As these closures due to lockdowns and curfews become the order of the day, businesses have also been forced to close down and adopt new strategies to avoid running into losses. 

One of the best strategies adopted by companies is remote working, where staff are required to work from home to reduce the danger of contracting the deadly COVID-19. Because most employees might not be used to operating remotely, it is prudent to support them appropriately for high production. 

Make Sure Your Employees Have the Right Infrastructure 

It is true that most people were not prepared when COVID-19 struck. Therefore, the chances are that your staff did not get ample time to set up their home working stations. Even if an employee might have a computer or laptop, it might not be enough to complete all the office work efficiently. Therefore, you should move swiftly and help your staff to get what they might not have. Here are some of the items to consider: 

  • Computers. 
  • Power backups. 
  • Reliable internet supply. 
  • Networking equipment. 
  • Business management software. 
  • Ergonomic desks. 

Keep Your Staff Motivated 

Look, your employees were used to working as a team in the office, but things have suddenly changed and are perhaps alone in their apartments. To keep the staff engaged, you should consider using apps such as Skye andZoom. Other tools that can help you stay in touch include Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Google Hangouts.

Offer Counselling 

Notably, your staff responds differently to issues that go on in their lives. When working from the company offices, the chances are that other team members used to offer encouragement in the case of problems. Now that the employees are alone in their homes, addressing stressful situations can be challenging, and you should step in to help. Consider offering psychological helplines to assist staff who might have stress-related issues and anxiety. 

If you have a business, whether small one or a big manufacturing unit, as showcased here, it is prudent to make appropriate changes for your enterprise to keep running smoothly. Particularly, you should adopt the above three strategies to support your staff working from home. This will ensure they are motivated, engaged, and productivity remains high. 


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