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Ways to Effectively Clean and Maintain Kitchen Cabinets

by Paul Petersen

Cabinets are very important in storage and organization in the kitchen but they get dusty also and the outside of the cabinets can get oil from splatters or spills and will look old and dirty. It is important to clean the kitchen cabinets to make them look new for an extended period.

How To Maintain Kitchen Cabinets And Make Them Look New

Kitchen cabinets in San Diego are made with high quality. However, just like any other thing, they also undergo wear and tear. The best way is to extend the new look on the American made kitchen cabinets in San Diego by following some of these tips.

Install Knobs And Handles On Cabinets

Having knobs and handles on these cabinets is highly suggested so that you do not touch the wood with your greasy fingers during cooking. When your cabinets and drawers have this hardware, they are easier to clean instead of cleaning wood.

Using Shelf Liners

These cabinet shelf liners can protect the cabinets and shelves. You can also wipe and clean them much easily compared to wood. Liners can be made from plastic canvas, linoleum pieces, wax paper, or contact paper.

Keep Cabinets Closed

Take out only what you need and then close the cabinets and drawers. This will lessen exposure to dust or splatters.

How To Clean Kitchen Cabinets

 Cleaning kitchen cabinets is not hard at all. Do this regularly to keep your cabinets looking good. Here are some ways to effectively clean your cabinets.

Use A Gentle Solution

You do not need to use a harsh chemical to clean the kitchen cabinets. Simply mix one part dishwashing soap and two parts of hot water. Use a soft cloth to wipe the cabinet but do not soak the rag in the solution because too much moisture can destroy the cabinet.

Use Toothbrush In Grooves

Cabinets have hard to reach areas that need to be cleaned. Do not leave them dirty. You can use a toothbrush to reach those spots that cannot be cleaned with rags.

Rinse The Cleaning Solution

After cleaning the cabinets, dampen the soft cloth or rag with warm water and rinse the solution you used. Do not let water drip especially on the hinges. Work your way from the top and down to the bottom.

Dry After Cleaning

After washing and wiping the cabinet, make sure to let them dry. You can use another soft rag to wipe the cabinet dry.

Do Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is encouraged at least twice a year. This means you must empty the cabinets, drawers, and shelves and clean them all. You can also sort through the things you see in the cabinet and remove the things you do not use anymore.

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