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Want to open a savings account online? Here are 5 good mobile net banking apps

by Gerua Senia

It is very beneficial for any customer to link their savings account to a mobile banking app today since accessing one’s bank account becomes extremely convenient. A good mobile net banking app is one that allows you to save more money and allows all-time access to your account’s details while also providing high-level security. Here is a list of 5 mobile net banking apps that are most preferred in 2023:

1. IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app

If you plan on choosing a new mobile banking app, IDFC FIRST Bank’s mobile banking app is one that you should consider. The bank has designed its mobile banking app to help customers save more in the long run. Here are its features:

  • Smart filters: You can apply “smart filters” to view transactions on the app. In addition to this, the app offers a “track your expenses” feature to help you budget better by learning from your previous transactions.
  • Quick online transfers: The app facilitates instant online transfers through three money transfer options: “Auto Pay”, “One-Swipe Pay” and UPI (Unified Payments Interface)/ NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer)/ RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement)/ IMPS (Immediate Payment Service).
  • Secure access: Customers can choose to add an additional layer of security to their transactions through the app by opting for a biometric login.
  • Insurance + loans + investments: The app is an ‘all-in-one’ app that allows customers to, besides accessing their savings and current accounts, sign up for an insurance policy, apply for instant online personal loans, and make investments.
  • Responsive customer service: The IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app is popular for its accessible and prompt customer service which can always be accessed instantly through the app.

2. Kotak-811 app

The following are the features of the Kotak-811 mobile net banking app:

  • Customers can book train tickets, flight tickets and bus tickets, as well as make hotel reservations using the app.
  • Account balance can be checked using the Kotak-811 app.
  • You can also apply for a Kotak credit and debit card through the app. Additionally, funds can conveniently be transferred to any recipient’s bank account.

3. HDFC Bank MobileBanking app

The HDFC Bank MobileBanking app offers the following features to its customers:

  • Helps you manage your credit and debit cards through a single app.
  • Helps you make quick online payments including paying your utility bills through the app.
  • Provides multiple layers of security to safeguard your payments from fraud.

4. ICICI Bank iMobile Pay app

The iMobile Pay app by ICICI Bank is our second recommendation to you. Here are its features:

  • You can purchase and manage a FASTag through this app. The app also allows you to view FASTag balance, view FASTag statements, and manage multiple FASTag accounts.
  • Instant money transfers can be made through the ICICI Bank iMobile app.
  • You can open fixed deposit accounts, recurring deposit accounts, or “iWish” deposits using the app.

5. Axis Bank app

Axis Bank’s mobile banking app provides the following features to its customers:

  • Complete access to Axis Bank’s online digital savings account.
  • Ability to download bank statements and access account balance through the app.
  • Ability to pay utility bills through online modes of money transfer. You can find a record of your transactions on the app made for your reference via utility bill payments made to over 200 registered users.

Pick any of the above-mentioned top mobile banking apps to get started on your savings journey today!

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