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 Types of wall shelve

by Clare Louise

Wall Shelves in every room of the house are extremely useful; enabling us quick access to the most often used items. Decorative wall shelves draw attention to drab walls while keeping functionalities and capturing the attention of our tourists and visitors.

Ranging From ultra-modern options for minimal or commercial interiors to rustic and quirky home choices all sorts of wall shelves are available on market.

One should consider these ideas before planning to have wall shelves for your home.

Decorative wall grilles are a great way to add interest to a room or an idea. It might be an excellent complement to any home and valued addition. The wall grilles’ designs lend individuality and beauty to the wall and, by extension, the entire room. They can also be used for space planning and preparation, as well as installation.

Planters and shelves are still a winning combination. It’s a versatile idea to add.

The lovely circular shelf works well not just on the wall, but also in the kid’s room for keeping their book or in the study or any room where you consider having a cup of coffee and book.

You can also add geometric motifs for decorating your interior.

These days, “floating” libraries are rather widespread. To prevent hanging the lid, glue just the shelf in a large continuous book and slide it through little hooks level against the wall.

Another popular option these days is to have a modular racking system since it combines a stylish aesthetic with a mild industrial edge, making it a practical way to add color and expand storage at the same time. Each set comes with two racks, but due to the special connection system, they may be expanded.

The idea of having vintage and colorful wall grilles is distinct and stylish, especially if painted in a contrasting color and is ideal for a young person’s bedroom.

A one-of-a-kind and well-kept wooden shelf, perfect for a warm and edgy kitchen.People enjoy the dramatic framing of the front shelves and would want something more ornate for those. The cross-sectional locations give the scene a bit more visual intrigue.

If you’re searching for floating racks, nothing but hexagonal racks will fit in your modern area since shelves have six flat sides, are frequently joined together in groups, are mostly made of wood, and may be painted to match any color scheme of your space.

Triangular racks, which can be stacked together and independently on both walls to create three flat sides, are very popular these days. The top shelves of triangular racks are vertical, like a mountain ridge, and maybe flipped over to form inverted triangles. These racks can help you achieve a well-balanced interior design.

 The square shelves have four similar wooden square rack faces that are normally thick and serve as the base for your design It comes in a variety of colors and has lots of storage space. You may also mix and match sizes on the same wall to create a focal point for your space. When the same shelf solution is flipped on its side, it produces a diamond shape with pointed ends at the top and bottom.

The rounded corner wall cubes shelves offer a modern vibe while staying basic, and they may be hung, set on the floor, and affixed to the wall.

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