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Tricks So That Your House Always Smells Good

by Donny Stock

There is nothing more pleasant than entering a home that gives off a pleasant smell. Surely on more than one occasion, you have come to the house of some friends, and you have thought about how you can make your house smell the same way.

Spray Bottle

A bottle with water and a few drops of essential oils of the aroma that you like the most. Spray the mixture around the house or leave a few small bottles open in corners where they can’t be seen. You can also serve a mixture of water with lemon or bicarbonate.

Oil Diffusers

These are objects, mostly ceramic, in which oil is placed on top and a small candle underneath. The heat from the fire consumes the oil, causing it to evaporate and spread its fragrance throughout the home.

Take Care Of The Drains

It is important that all drains, both in the kitchen and in the bathroom, are kept clean. To achieve this, twice a month, pour a glass of hot water with vinegar, salt and bicarbonate. It will serve to clean, unclog pipes and give off a pleasant smell.

Note: a professional water damage cleanup service can help you with this task.

Dried Lavender

If you can find it fresh and dry it, the better, but if not, buy bags filled with dried lavender and put them in different corners of the house.


Don’t worry, we are not going to make you change the furniture, but you can also find sachets with pellets or cedar sticks, which you can place in drawers and cabinets.

Make Your Little Bags

You can choose dried flowers with scents that you like and with linen or organza fabrics to make some little bags to put them in. Tie them with string and put them where you prefer.

Smell Instantly

If you want to make the house smell great before your guests arrive, there is an express trick. It consists of putting a saucepan of water to a boil and adding a few drops of your preferred essence oil.

Home Remedy

An amazing smelling mix can be achieved by boiling cloves and orange peel. Leave to cool and put the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray through the rooms several times a day.

Fresh Flowers

You may not always have them, but if you can treat yourself now and then, put some natural flowers in a vase in the dining room or the entrance.


A mixture of water with a little fabric softener is very practical if you spray it on the sofa. A lasting odor will remain.

As you can see, it is not necessary to resort to chemical products to flavor your house, and it always smells good.

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