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Trends In Data Center Architectural Advancements

by Gerua Senia

The number of data centers has gone up remarkably in the past few decades. Today, these data centers are even more connected than ever to meet the ever changing demands of businesses. To keep up with the needs of the business, these data centers are designed accordingly, fulfilling the specific requirements. Architects design these data centers to be more flexible, scalable, and cost-effective. Due to the precise design which this kind of space requires, data center architects are quite in demand today. Designs of such commercial spaces have to be very accurate and well-thought to derive great results. We shall, thus, take a glance at a few trends or architectural advances in this area of commercial architecture.

  • Colocation

Colocation is an architectural modification that relies on the principle of abstraction, software-based provisioning, automation, etc.  These colo facilities are highly effective and flexible, allowing us to reap the benefits by renting space for servers and other computing hardware. A hybrid cloud combines the resources available to you on the private cloud and the public cloud, giving you the flexibility to freely move your data from one place to another. Therefore, the job of a data center architect is in huge demand as the level of sophistication this field requires is extraordinary.

  • Convergence of infrastructure

Another architectural advancement would include the convergence of infrastructure. Modern data centers now offer converged infrastructure as the trend moves towards hyper convergence. While the convergence of infrastructure tackles several issues and the management is quite easy as well, most servers can still be isolated. This is where hyper convergence comes in, and converges all the operational layers, and increases productivity and efficiency. 

  • Eco-friendly

The sustainability issue shall be a greater trend in the near future as almost every region where data centers are located has begun to focus on water usage and energy consumptions. Therefore, a lot of data centers are expected to start investing in eco-friendly products and renewable resources. This leaves a great responsibility on the architects as designing environment-friendly centers can be a challenging task that requires a blend of precision, thoroughness, and reliability. 


Data center technologies can be said to be still emerging and evolving where such architectural advancements or modifications can enjoy higher capacities and sophistication. Stendel Reich data center architecture projects are a result of accountability, accuracy, thorough research, and experience. 

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