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Top Five Most Popular Canadian Television shows you must watch

by Clare Louise

Even though the global entertainment industry is a collection of a plethora of films and television shows, the portrayal of the storylines and the cinematography is where the essence lies. As the industry is steep and wide, media personalities like Mathieu Chantelois and campaigns like Made Nous appreciate and praise Canadian films, shows, direction, etc. While the industry is evolving, television and web shows are now providing the feel of big-budget movies. Here are the top five most popular Canadian television shows you must watch.

Wynonna Earp:

Wynonna Earp is a western television series based on a comic book written by American Writer Beau Smith. The successful television series is worth all the appreciation and applause it gets by many people. The Canadian Series Wynonna Earp will appear to be a typical zombie story and it is one but with an intriguing twist. The series depicts the portrayal of a fierce female warrior, Wynonna Earp who is the great-granddaughter of a relentless lawman. The story is about her crusade to vanquish ravenous revenants. A lot of supernatural elements and the plot of the show is sure to thrill the audience. Among other elements, the importance of keeping the family legacy alive, relationships, and family are what make up the storyline. It is a show worth binge-watching.


Frontier is a Canadian historical-drama and must watch for Canadian television show lovers. The story revolves around the North American fur trade during the 1700s. As the historical facts on which the show is based are acknowledged by Discovery Canada, the history portrayed is as close to real as can be. Jason Momoa plays the lead role of Declan Harp, an Irish-Cree outlaw. The character of Declan Harp is an outlaw who tries to take to take control of the monopoly above the fur trade in Canada. As the trade is controlled aiming at illegal exercises, Jason Momoa’s character has to try and change the course of action. If you want to watch a show full of action, mystery, and interesting twists then Frontier is what you are looking for.

Workin’ Moms:

Workin’ Moms is a Canadian sitcom that features a horde of stars that includes Catherine Reitman, Jessalyn Wanlim, Juno Rinaldi, and Dani Kind. The story revolves around a group of friends all of whom are working mothers and the challenges they face every day. The working mothers in their thirties all try to maintain the balance between love, life, family, and work without running into problems. Based in the present Toronto, Canada, the series is a comedy show. While many can relate the show to Desperate Housewives, Workin Moms is unique in its way as each and every mother has a different approach of dealing with the complexities of their lives.

Alias Grace:

Alias Grace is a Netflix Original drama series that portrays a true story that occurred centuries ago in rural Ontario. the show is based on a dazzling novel written by Margarets Atwood. The story depicts the portrayal of a woman that is accused of homicide. The story then continues as a psychiatrist is assigned the task of evaluating whether the woman can be pardoned due to mental illness. The six-part show is bound to keep the audience glued with thrill as the show is brimmed with drama and suspense. Alias Grace is a show that sheds light on topics of love, relationships, feminism, law, justice, and other complex matters. It is a show for those who want something raw and real and definitely for faint-hearted people.


Heartland portrays the story of a family that lives in a ranch that happens to be located in the fictional town of Hudson Alberta. Heartland is a family drama that shows the challenges that the Fleming-Bartlett family faces including topics of love, friendship, betrayal, marriage, and children. In addition, Heartland also has an essence of the supernatural genre as one of the main characters inherits her mother’s gift of healing damaged horses. This family drama is sure to get the audience secured right from the start.

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