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Tips to improve odds of getting a small business loan

by Gerua Senia

Running a small business, post lockdown hasn’t been easy for most startup owners. While some readily closed shop and moved elsewhere, the rest of the small business owners are fighting against all odds to stay relevant and make a good living. However, keeping the existing scenario in mind, businesses are most likely to depend on credit lines and collateral-free loans to make inventory, technology, machinery, staff, and working capital available.

But then, most lenders consider small businesses as high-risk entities with fluctuating ROI. Therefore, loan approvals aren’t always smooth. However, you can follow the subsequent course of action to improve your business loan eligibility and get the requisite credit line, in virtually no time.

Attend to the Cash Statements 

As a small business that has been around for quite some time now, it is necessary to maintain steady cash flow. Any MSME loan you apply for would ask you to furnish the cash statements, to ensure that the concerned setup is capable of repaying the borrowed amount. It is necessary to cut out every instance of delinquency from the cash statement as it would then improve the overall credit score, which also brings us to our next tip.

Get a Credit Report, Stat

While you might be tempted to apply for a small business loan, you must first get a detailed report in place to assess the possibilities yourself. Any loan application you raise is more like a hard credit inquiry that impacts your overall credit score. Therefore, unless you are completely sure of getting approved, do not take the plunge.

Seek Fewer Quotes

Contrary to popular belief that looking at several quotations is important to select the most competitive credit line, it is advisable to keep your searches restricted as each loan quote impacts your credit history and can eventually lower overall eligibility.

Limit Negative Balance

While the cash flow is an important metric to justify your eligibility against, it is also necessary to minimize negative cash balance from showing up in statements. It is necessary to understand that certain lenders are quite strict when it comes to approving loans, and even a few negative balance sessions can have a damaging impact on overall eligibility. 

As only recent cash flow statements are needed by lenders, it is advisable to apply once the same has been stabilized.

Choose an Optimal Lender

Instead of applying and checking a quote with several lenders, you must first carefully search for the ones that are more lenient with documentation. Plus, due diligence is necessary to get ahead of the interest rates, repayment terms, and credit score requirements, which then makes it easier to apply.

Final Words

Once you are sure that every loan approval requirement is in place, you must head over to the Finserv MARKETS for connecting with a lender that has the best chance of accommodating your financial requirements.


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