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Tips to Identify Premium Song Recording Studios

by Donny Stock

Releasing a song commercially is not a joke. A lot goes on behind the curtains to make magic happen. Lyrics or your voice alone cannot make a track commercially successful. It takes an entire team to give the music a unique flavor of its own. A recording studio is a place that perfects every single track to make it worth being released for music lovers. Having said that, not all studios are trustworthy. Want to find out how to identify if a studio you’re eyeing has what it takes to produce musical hits? If yes, this guide has all the answers. Dive in and find out more!

Payment Policy Matters 

A premium music recording studio appreciates art. They’re not money-mining machines. Hence, they use their website as a platform to announce the prices for every single service they offer. They have nothing to hide. Hence, they showcase everything they provide. 

Instruments and Recording Booth Matters 

A track will never sound melodious if it’s recorded using a low-grade microphone that’s incapable of eliminating noise. Professional-quality microphones in a well-curated recording booth that can manage the reverberation are what you need. Premium recording studios have hardwood flooring for insulation and acoustic management. They also have instruments like acoustic preamplifiers and compressors to ensure that the sound quality from the instruments doesn’t degrade. 

Services that are Offered Matter too

It’s beyond the capability of an average recording studio to offer every necessary music recording service that artists need. Only a limited few like the Songmill music mastering studio offer premium services. Have a look at the services that we are talking about in the pointers below.

  1. Vocal recording – This service allows you to record a track using a professional-grade microphone in an insulated sound booth so that the recording is devoid of noise and disturbance. 
  2. Single production – A premium recording studio has the right professionals like sound engineers and songwriters to help you to produce a stunning track. 
  3. Album Production – You’ll be recognized with the signature tune of your album. It’s similar to a logo that people recognize a brand with. For example, you’ll know it’s dominos just by looking at its logo. Similarly, reputable professionals offer production services to create your brand, the tune you’ll be recognized with. 
  4. Mixing and Mastering – Added effects and element balancing is the job of a sound engineer. Hence, elite recording studios hire only the best professionals in the industry. 

As long as the studio you’re picking is everything we have listed below, it means you’re in the right hands.