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Things to consider when designing a modular kitchen

by Gerua Senia

In this modern era, everyone talks about modular kitchens. Do you have any idea about modular kitchens? Know it here!

A modular kitchen implies contemporary kitchen furniture developed in units or modules. They usually consist of cabinets with particular elements of specific sizes.

Generally, the modular kitchen is a combination of base units and wall units. They are designed to increase utility and permit enough space management, particularly for tiny spaces.

Every unit of this modular kitchen is made of various materials and generally comes with other kitchen accessories to arrange things in the best ways.

How is the kitchen designed?

The modular kitchen designers have standard catalogues with great modular kitchen design photos.

Also, you can choose a particular design per your choice and preference and the available space amount in your kitchen.

Also, if you check some Modular Kitchen Designs Online, you can incorporate them into your kitchen too.

The modular kitchen design catalogue usually incorporates Indian kitchen design and trends in the market. It will offer you different options to select from.

Once you finalize the interior of your kitchen after taking advice from experts, the modular kitchen will be installed in a short time.

Every unit or module is developed independently, keeping the beauty of the kitchen and available space amount in mind.

Moreover, the manufacturer will check Dining Table Trend to incorporate it in your kitchen.

The L Shaped Feature in the modular kitchen

The L-shaped feature of the modular kitchen perfectly fits well with the golden triangle rule. It is a prominent picnic for small or medium sizes kitchens.

Additionally, it includes the ability of golden triangle with good cooking range and storage units up to a maximum of 1200 millimetres apart.

This feature assists in utilizing every inch of your available space amount in your kitchen.

Every nook and corner of the kitchen space has its use. Also, you are allowed to place your sink in one corner, leaving other space for different appliances.

Consider some best things when designing a modular kitchen

To develop a modular kitchen in your home, consider the following things first.

  • Plan The Layout

Based on the kitchen size, you should choose a U-shaped, L-shaped, or straight layout that ensures good decor and workflow.

Moreover, the kitchen maker should follow the golden triangle rule so that the refrigerator, sink, and hob becomes the kitchen’s focal point. Also, the distance between them ranges from 4 to 9 feet.

  • Choose The Kitchen Appliances

It would be best to choose kitchen appliances during the kitchen’s design phase to integrate them with the kitchen layout.

Moreover, remember to introduce numerous plug points for every appliance. Also, finalize the area of the chimney unit.

You should choose a chimney unit with good suction power so the kitchen will be free from smoke and other odours.

  • Optimise Storage

It would help if you analyzed the entire storage needs of your home. Also, consider different-sized cabinets and drawers for utensils, storing spices, cutlery, pots, electronic devices, etc.

Moreover, choose a dedicated pantry unit to keep all dry kitchen ingredients.

Also, use the vertical space of walls by enhancing the cabinet sizes to the ceiling levels. You should know that if any gap is left between the cabinet and the ceiling, it will accumulate colossal dust.

  • Select The Materials

It would be best to consider BWR (Boiling Water Resistant) ply instead of other materials like HDF, MDF, or others that may get impaired under moisturized conditions.

You should carefully choose the outer and inner finish of kitchen cabinetry. Quartz and granite-like material is everyone’s choice.

Additionally, avoid marble use as it is a porous material and much more prone to staining.

  • Colour Combination

Choose one or two colours that offer contrasting features for your modular kitchen.

It would be best if you chose a matte finish for your cabinets. It is because the glossy finish displays smudges and fingerprints quickly.

  • Introduce Under-cabinet Lighting

For general lighting of your kitchen, ceiling lights have a leading role. However, the overhead light put some shadows and hence dark spots on the countertop.

Introducing under-cabinet lights to lighten the dark countertops is highly suggested. There must be adequate light while preparing food.

  • Modular Kitchen Accessories

Select accessories like tall units, bottle pull outside, corner units, and sink accessories and combine them with the kitchen design.


Nowadays, the concept of modular kitchens is highly famous. Everyone loves to have a trending modular kitchen in their homes. However, it would help if you considered some essential things before designing your modular kitchen design. Otherwise, you may regret it.


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