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Things to consider before you get hair extensions

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If you’re no stranger to Hollywood, you’ve probably seen a ton of people with gorgeous hair extensions. The untrained eye might not even be able to detect the hair extensions. That’s because these celebrities have experts working with them that know everything about hair extensions. Well if you don’t have an expert, you might as well become an expert.

Here’s everything you need to know about picking out the best hair extensions before going to professionals at a hair salon.

Different Types Offered at a Hair Salon

Did you know there’s different types of hair extensions? The variety has different associated costs, how seamlessly they blend to your natural hair, and different levels of permanence. It’s always a good idea to start with clip-ins just so see how you like them before taking the step up.

Blends in Seamlessly

Sometimes it’s hard to spot hair extensions. If they’re put in by a professional, you might not have anyone notice them. It all comes down to positioning and your initial selection of the extensions.

Quick Installation

They don’t take that long to get put in. Getting a good hair expert at a hair salon will streamline the process. The new technology that’s developed over the past few years makes the installation so much faster than before. Beyond that, extensions won’t damage your natural hair because of the same advances in the application process.

Takes More Time to Care for Your Hair

One warning you deserve to hear is that it takes some effort to keep up with your new extensions. Your extensions can start slipping if you don’t properly dry and take care of them after getting them wet. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to spend some more time moving forward.

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