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The Common Air-Conditioner Parts to Know

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Thanks to the advancement of technology, modern air-conditioners come equipped with state-of-the-art engineering and accurate manufacturing. Additionally, the air-conditioner of the present era is a seamless combination of multiple elements of mechanical engineering, which runs inclusive of fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, and heat transfer.

However, before you head on to the air-conditioning parts store (ร้านขายอะไหล่แอร์, which is the term in Thai) to replace the old and non-functioning parts here are a few of the common air-conditioning parts that you must have an idea about.

The Thermostat

The thermostat is considered as the ultimate brain of your air-conditioner, which controls your AC unit when it is turned off or on. Besides, the thermostat is that part of your AC which maintains the temperature and regulates the unit’s maintenance. 

The Compressor

Just as the name suggests, the compressor is a huge electric pimp that gets the refrigerant gas-pressurised as one of its prime processes of transforming it back to the liquid. The compressor is found on your building’s exterior, where it happens to generate massive amounts of heat.

The Condenser

Similar to the compressor, the condenser is situated on the AC’s hot side. The prime agenda of the compressor is to eradicate the maximum latent heat from the interiors of your house, thus simplifying the job of a compressor.

The Expansion Valve

The expansion valve is one of the least known and important parts of your AC. The expansion valve is located between the cold and hot sides of the air-conditioner. The work of the expansion valve is to regulate the compressed liquid which goes inside the evaporator.

The Evaporator

You would find an evaporator on the cold side of the AC, inside the business or home. The evaporator is a coil set which has air blowing over it and getting distributed to the living area through the ductwork.

The Blower

The blower is a fan that helps the air to move across the evaporator. They are an imperative part of the AC, where their job is to capture fresh air into your building. 

The Duct Work

The ductwork is essential if you own a zoned system. The ductwork calls for a routine check like any other mechanical parts, lest they can pose great damage to the moving part’s efficiency.

These were some of the basic and common air-conditioner parts that you must be aware of before you seek for their replacement at the air conditioner parts store. 

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