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The A to Z of Demat Account Opening: Simplified

by Clare Louise

A – Account Types: There are two types of Demat accounts – Regular and Basic Services Demat Account. Learn more about how to open demat account and then sign up for it.

B – Broker: To open a Demat account, you will need to choose a broker. Who is a registered member of the stock exchange?

The next step in opening a demat account is to check the fees. These charges include account opening fees, annual maintenance charges, transaction fees, and other charges.

D – Documents Required: These include a copy of your PAN card, address proof, and identity proof. You may also be required to submit a passport-size photograph.

Upon submitting all appropriate documents, your broker will verify them electronically to determine how to open a demat account.

F – Fund Transfer: You will have to transfer funds to your Demat account to start investing in the stock market.

G – Grievance Redressal: If you face any issues while opening the Demat account or while investing in the stock market, you can lodge a complaint with the broker’s grievance redressal cell.

H – Holding Statement: After you check how to open a demat account, you will receive a holding statement.

I – Internet-based Trading: With the advancement of technology, most brokers provide internet-based trading facilities. This facility allows you to buy and sell securities online.

J – Joint Account: You can also open a joint Demat account with another person. The account can be operated by both account holders.

How to open a demat account involves the KYC process, which is an important step of the process.

L – Limitation: There is no limit on the number of demat accounts you can open. However, it is advisable to have only one demat account to avoid confusion.

M – Minimum Balance: Most brokers require a minimum balance to be maintained in the Demat account. Make sure you check the minimum balance requirements with the broker.

N – Nomination: You can nominate a person to receive the securities held in your demat account in case of your death when you know how to open a demat account.

O – Online Trading: With the advent of technology, you can now trade in the stock market online.

P – Power of Attorney: You can appoint someone to operate your Demat account on your behalf by giving them a Power of Attorney.

Q – Quick Account Opening: With the e-KYC process, creating a Demat account has become quick and efficient. You can open a demat account within a few days. Is this an important answer to how to open a demat account?

R – Rights Issue: If you hold securities in your Demat account, you will be eligible to receive a rights issue.

S – Securities Transaction Tax: Securities Transaction Tax (STT) is a tax levied on every transaction of securities that takes place on a stock exchange.

T – Trading Account: A trading account is a separate account that is linked to your Demat account. This account is used for buying and selling securities.

U – Unique Client Code: An individual client code is a unique identification number that is assigned to every client by the broker. This code is used to identify clients’ transactions.

V – Volatility: Volatility is a measure of how much the price of a security fluctuates. Know this element while learning how to open a demat account.

W – Withdrawal: You can withdraw the funds from your Demat account by placing a request with your broker. The funds will be transferred to your bank account.

X – X-ray Vision: A Demat account can be considered as an X-ray vision for the stock market.

Y – Yearly Statements: Your broker will provide you with yearly statements that contain all the details of the securities held in your Demat account.

Z – Zero Balance: Some brokers offer zero balance Demat accounts, which do not require any minimum balance to be maintained.


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