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The pandemic of COVID 19 has taken a toll on everyone. Stress levels have risen drastically which in turn takes a toll on health and then it slowly starts to show on the face. As we start to age the elasticity of the skin starts to decrease and fine lines start to appear and the skin begins to sag. Facelift Toronto helps to tackle this problem. However, just like any other surgical procedures, there are potential risks which are involved when undergoing plastic surgery. Following are some of the main risks which are involved, which you should keep in mind before making a final decision about undergoing the procedure.

Risk 1: Susceptibility to catching infections

In the case of a plastic surgery procedure, the susceptibility of catching an infection persists. Cleanliness of the operating hall and wounds which need to be tended to within a particular time frame to avoid infections.

Risk 2: Nerve Disturbances

One of the most intricate risks of undergoing a facelift us that of a potential nerve injury. When you are undergoing a facelift there are facial nerves which get disturbed. If the procedure is not done by an expert and experienced surgeon, the risks of undergoing facial nerve damage are even higher. The nerve injury could affect facial movements like talking, eating and even blinking. In case, nerve damage does occur, it can be regenerated in some situations.

Risk 3: Scarring along incision lines

A facelift procedure involves incisions being made. If the incisions aren’t made properly then there is an increased chance of scarring.

How often do complications arise?

Now that you might be having second thoughts about undergoing the procedure, don’t worry. The complications which have been listed above are quite rare and can be further minimized if you choose the right Plastic Surgeon to perform the facelift procedure.

How does the choice of surgeon contribute to the final results of the procedure?

Once you have made up your mind to undergo the procedure, the first and the most important thing is to find a surgeon. The surgeon that you decide to go for, is going to be with you every step through the way. There needs to be some sort of understanding, comfort and trust that you need to be able to share with the surgeon. The surgeon should be able to help you realize the aesthetic goals that you have in mind. Give you advice as to how you could optimize the results of the procedure.

Not only that, the techniques used by the surgeon and the hygiene standards followed by them and the clinic have a crucial role to play. If the clinic is sterile and ensures that OT remains sterile, then the chances of infection are cut down drastically. While performing the procedure the surgeon should be well aware of what they are doing and paying close attention to every minute detail so that the risk of the complications that may arise are cut down even further.

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