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Rejuran Healer: Is it worth it?

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Rejuran healer injection has been there since 2014. Since then, it has only increased in popularity, with beauty enthusiasts barraging accredited cosmetic clinics like Veritas Medical Aesthetics with inquiries about it.

Of note, among the most common questions about Rejuran healer includes; how it works, how long the results can last and risks. However, is it really worth it?

In this quick guide, you will discover Rejuran healer basics you most probably didn’t know or knew very little about. You will also know for sure whether it’s really worth it.

Is Rejuran Healer Effective?

You shouldn’t confuse Rejuran healer with skin boosters that use hyaluronic acid. Even though it’s injected into the skin using a technique akin to the one used with conventional skin boosters utilizing hyaluronic acid to improve your skin quality, it’s made up of polynucleotides (PN).

Multiple clinical studies point out polynucleotides as having several medical benefits, including wound healing and hair loss improvement. In the cosmetic industry, their use is backed up by several clinical data. 

The data, in this case, indicate that Rejuran healer can improve your skin tone, hydration, texture and even better reduce inflammation. The reduction of the inflammation benefit explains best why it is sometimes preferred for treating active breakouts.

When used in combination with some skin boosters, it can improve the hydration effects of those treatments. Now, even though Rejuran healer is effective in cosmetic enhancement, it isn’t really permanent.

The results typically last for around six months, implying that you will need repeat treatments to maintain your skin’s improved appearance. Do note that every patient is unique.

Therefore, if you have any concerns about your expectations from this treatment, it is recommended that you consult a board-certified plastic surgeon. They will review your expectations and compare them with the treatment’s capabilities.

From here, they will let you know if it is a perfect option to try. Be sure to have all your concerns or fears about this treatment addressed before consenting to the treatment.

Still, under the effectiveness of Rejuran healer, you may also wish to know when to expect results after the injections. Firstly, you may get a few localized side effects after Rejuran injections.

Some of the side effects you can typically expect include temporary redness and minor bruising on the injection points. These side effects should subside within 1 to 2 days after the treatment.

Now, within 2 to 7 days following your Rejuran treatment, your skin will get smoother and have a leveled hydration. After 7 to 14 days following Rejuran injections, your skin’s elasticity would improve.

This is mainly attributed to the collagen generation that would be triggered in your skin. Mild wrinkling and pores on your skin would also reduce. Within one month after your Rejuran healer injections, you should notice a slight improvement in volume on your skin.

You should also get a natural lift on your skin. During the first few days of your treatment, there are a few activities your aesthetic doctor may limit you from.

Can you Exercise after Rejuran Healer Treatment?

Rejuran healer treatment is offered as an outpatient procedure, so you can expect to return home after this treatment. You can expect the whole procedure, including consultation, to last for 30 to 60 minutes.

As mentioned earlier in this Rejuran healer guide, you may get localized effects after this treatment. Understanding your aftercare regime will be pivotal in ensuring that these mild side effects don’t worsen and that you benefit from long-lasting results.

Avoiding exercises will form part of your aftercare routine. Therefore, you cannot exercise or engage in strenuous activities after the Rejuran injection.

Engaging in strenuous exercises may make your sweat glands produce excess sebum. Having excess sebum on your skin may result in a counter effect on your Rejuran healer treatment.

Other than strenuous activities or exercises, your doctor will also want you to avoid applying pressure on the treated areas. A perfect example of an activity you may need to avoid in this case is sleeping on your face.

By applying pressure on your skin, you will reduce blood flow to that region. This means that there would be a reduction in the deliverability and effectiveness of your Rejuran healer treatment.

To avoid applying pressure to your face unknowingly, you may also need to adjust your sleeping position. In this regard, your doctor would recommend sleeping on your back for a couple of days after your treatment. 

This will ensure that blood circulates in your body regularly, even as you sleep and enable your skin to heal properly. Here are a few more things you should not do after Rejuran healer injections.

  • Exposing you Treated Skin to Direct Sunlight or Intense Heat

After your treatment, it is recommended that you avoid sun exposure. If you can’t help going into the sun, be sure to wear sunblock averaging SPF 30+.

You will also need to keep off activities that may expose your skin to intense heat after this treatment. Perfect examples, in this case, include steam baths, saunas and tanning beds etc.

Exposing the treated areas of your skin to too much heat may impact the treatment’s healing effects. This implies that it may reduce your treatment’s effectiveness and, even worse, predispose you to adverse side effects.

  • Alcohol Consumption

If you drink alcohol, you will need to discontinue using it for a couple of weeks to your Rejuran healer treatments. You will also need to avoid it for a few more days after your treatment.

Multiple studies show that alcohol may cause clogging of your skin pores or cause effects that lead to inflammation of your skin. This implies that it may worsen the mild side effects that appear after your treatment.

  • Makeup

There is a myriad of skincare products your doctor will want you to skip after Rejuran healer injections. Most specifically, they will want you to avoid skincare products or makeup formulated with vitamin C, retinol or AHA. Some of these products may increase your risks for complications, while others may reduce the effectiveness of your treatment.

In Closing

Rejuran healer is worth it if you feel self conscious of aging signs or sunken acne scars on your skin. To schedule a treatment, connect with us today to book your appointment.

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