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Professional handcrafted jewelry: The hottest trend

by Donny Stock

Nothing exudes the talent of skilled artisans the way handcrafted jewelry does. Professional handcrafted jewellery is not just a labor of love for the artisans and brands but is also a delight to wear. It speaks of attention to detail and human touch which makes it exquisite and special.

While jewellery is all about staying up to date with what’s in at the moment, if you’re to invest in professional handcrafted jewellery, you have all the more reasons to learn about the hottest trends in professional handcrafted jewelry world. Let us know more about them!

  1. Chic Pearls: The classy pearls that were once the domain of upper-class snobs and dainty grandmothers have made a trendy comeback. Only this time it is not the quintessential charm of the jewel but there is a new coolness factor to this dainty element. They have found an increasingly popular space in the modern and contemporary jewelry pieces this season. We’re talking chic drop earrings and uber-sexy layered necklaces.
  2. Chain jewelry: Chain jewelry is another oldie that just an upgrade this season. Statement pieces of chain jewelry are becoming increasingly popular. With a host of designs in handmade chains in different metals, adorned with stones, diamonds, etc. one can almost be spoilt for choice. The best part about chain jewelry is its versatility. They can be extremely bold, or exquisitely subtle. For added enigma, go for necklaces or bracelets in link chains.
  3. Pendants and charms: Pendants and charms are little jewelry items that can add a vibe to any outfit. They have an arresting quality to draw attention to themselves when worn around the neck. They make for great conversation starters. When worn as bracelets, charms tend to add quality to your movements and can be great storytellers but in a fashionable way.
  4. Edgy hoops: Who doesn’t like a fantastic pair of hoops? They can single-handedly lift any outfit and make you look more put together. And while they have been around and in trend for a long time, this season the hoop earrings have gone more edgy and statement. Designers all over are doing their take on the classic hoops. From silver to gold, chunky to slim, glitters and diamonds, hoops are not just becoming the safest but the sexiest pair of earrings to have in your jewelry box.
  5. Over-the-top earrings: In this era of zoom meetings and video dates, earrings are our greatest armor. They frame your face and add a sparkle to your look. They have the quality of drawing attention to your face in the most subtle way. This season experiments with earring designs and style are on the rise. Whether you are a lover of simple pearls or edgy and statement earrings, there is room for all kinds of designs. Single earrings are a huge trend this season and are a great way to add some fun to your look.
  6. Silver linings: After years of trendy fine gold jewellery, it’s time to embrace the love for silver jewellery again. Silver jewelry has made a comeback with brands and designers creating beautiful and exciting jewelry pieces in this beautiful material. Refined and beautifully designed silver jewelry pieces speak of impeccable taste. If you are someone who has not been into silver jewelry in the past, it is only right for you to embrace this trend and try to indulge in some silver jewelry, and who knows? You might just be surprised!

Now that you know all about the latest jewellery trends, shop online jewellery in India and choose wisely and invest in these to take your jewelry game to the next level.

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