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Places You Must Visit in Montreal: A Quick Guide for Tourists 

by Donny Stock

What’s your plan this weekend? If you’re a tourist and wish to explore Montreal the local way, you’ve come to the right place. We have a lot to share with you in this quick post. 

There is good food, warm locals, picturesque views, and enriching history. What would you like to start with? It can be intimidating to travel all alone and not know about the best places. That’s why we are here to guide you! 

From the best cafes to the most wonderful sight-seeing spots – we’ve mentioned it all in this post. Should we begin? 

Satisfy Your Hunger Pangs 

As a tourist, you will feel famished by the end of the day. It’s good to stop by at a café and meet some locals. You can order cocktails, grab a quick bite, and get talking with the locals. This is a good way to start or end the day. 

If you are wondering where to go for a quick bite or an elaborate dinner, consider heading to Café Malte in Saint Henri. 

Dishes & Drinks you must try at Café Malte: 

  • A beer pitcher/wine/cocktail 
  • Salade de Fussili 
  • Chips & Salsa 

It’s the perfect place to hang out with friends, meet new people, or even go on a date. It is up to you what you want to do here. You can also work from this café and order all things delectable from the menu. 

Good Things Come for Free 

People may tell you that nothing comes for free, but there are some things that are free of cost. Go to Mont-royal Park – there’s no fee for entering. 

In case it’s a clear day, you will get to look at some mountains from a distance. 

You can enter the park, take a stroll, and meditate. It’s a fairly peaceful park and has a lot of greenery as well. 

After a stroll, heading out for a drink or two will be a good idea. There’ll be nothing better than Riverside cafes and bars.

Up Close & Personal with Jesus 

When you visit a new city, don’t forget to check out the church. But we are going to reveal the name of a very beautiful church in Montreal. It’s nothing like what you see everywhere else. 

Notre-Dame Basilica is a special place to visit. You can admire the interiors and exteriors of this grand church in Montreal. 

The Last Stop 

Even though there is a lot to see in Montreal, we suggest you go to Jardin Botanique. Now, this is a very exquisite place with over ten exhibition greenhouses and thirty themed gardens. 

You will be close to nature and it’s certainly a visual appeal. Do check it out! 

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