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Pallet Flipper – What is It and Their Benefits

by Gerua Senia

You can flip pallets easily with the Pallet Flipper. It’s great for firms who typically use pallets because it will save you tons of time and effort. Simply lay the Pallet Flipper on top of the pallet you wish to rotate, then turn the pallet with the handle.

Not only will it make pallet flipping easier, but it will also save time and effort. This unique tool is designed to make pallet flipping quick, easy, and stress-free for you. By swiftly and easily turning pallets over, the Pallet flipper will save you a lot of time.

Pallet flipper is easily available at Top Industries, the US leading pallet exchanger in Davie, Florida. Within 40 years of experience, they have designed new and innovative products that are suitable for different industries.

Their pallet flipper can flip 35 pallets in an hour. The maximum weight each pallet flipper can handle is 3300 lbs.

Benefits of Pallet Flipper 

Less Manpower Required 

Pallet flipper performs labour-intensive, demanding tasks for you, resulting in a reduction in the amount of labour needed, time saved, and trained employees available whenever your business needs them to try to complete repetitive tasks that require human attention.

Great Investment 

Although a pallet flipper may have a high initial cost, the benefits make it worth the expense. The money you save by simplifying labour cost, minimizing product damage, and preventing location injuries can cover the cost of the equipment.

The bottom line is that a pallet flipper makes business much more cost-effective, and your return on investment is strongly supported.

Less Damage to The Product

Pallets that break during transit usually cost more because they were handled carelessly or were forcibly moved from one place to another.

Pallet flippers will flip pallets, move, store, and stack pallets more effectively with greater stacking capacity and less fuss—and almost no damage to the goods.

Different Types of Pallet Flippers

Pallet Tippers 

Pallet tippers are sometimes known as pallet flippers in the marketplace. This design is typically used to remove or replace the pallet when the products on the pallet rotate 90 degrees. It is convenient for manually pallet changers and loading and unloading products from the forklift.

High-quality multi-channel valves are used in the mechanism to ensure steady and high-safety flipping. In the cement, particle, sheet, food can, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other industries, the pallet flipper is primarily used for the turnover and replacement of full tray products.

Mobile Pallet Tipper 

These tippers are the most utilized replace and flip devices since they don’t require a small workspace to do the task. It is handy to use anywhere in the warehouse.

Pallet Flipper 90 Degree 

This pallet flipper is used to rotate bulky items 90 degrees, making it easier to swap out one pallet for another. Pallet flippers are often operated on their own. Rotating frames can be used to move or stack pallets, or they can be placed into containers.

Hydraulic pressure is controlled by employees to dock products, and operators can operate forklift-like machinery. The pallet tipper includes a manual stacking feature and can save on labour and time.

One of the main reasons the pallet tipper is employed by so many businesses is because it performs safely while increasing production. Manual labourers moving or transferring the pallet considerably increases the risk of both product damage and personal injury.

Buy good material and durable Pallet Flippers from Top Industries. Here is Linkedin profile for Top Industries where you can check about the company and its services.

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