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NetbaseQuid: Your Powerful Social Media Listening Tool

by Gerua Senia

Social media listening involves monitoring public conversations (online) searching for critical insights about your brand, competitors, and the entire industry. The process also allows you to access all public opinions about anything that affects your business and its path to success. With the proper social media listening tools, you get instant access to your brand mentions on all socials, blogs, news, videos, forums, and reviews. The primary goal of social listening is to help you know what consumers say, which allows you to prepare the correct response when you have a chance to speak.

What Are Some of The Benefits of Social Listening?

Understanding how potential customers feel about your brand is essential in keeping track of your product development and marketing efforts. Besides giving you an insight into how the public feels about your brand, social listening also allows you to respond instantly to posts about your brand. The process brings along multiple benefits, some of which are highlighted below.

Effective Customer Engagement

Social listening allows you to engage with your customers about your brand and any other related subject. The best chance to engage your customers on social media is when they reach out for a customer service request on your socials or when they tweet about how much they love your product.

It is advisable to set aside a complete account in charge of responding to customer support issues. Besides responding directly to the issues and trending tweets, you can also engage your customers by following them to their DMs to appreciate them. The technique helps create goodwill with the online customers and boost engagement, which works for your brand’s good.

Crises Management

Engaging your customers sounds impressive. The above is only valid where positivity is involved. But what happens in cases of PR disasters and crises? Social listening provides an ideal platform for you to address conflicts and crises in your socials timely. You should identify the cause of the problem and find a solution to salvage the situation.

Some of the most effective ways of using your socials to manage a crisis include making a post to apologize, reaching out to the victim, and apologizing in person, as well as making the necessary changes. It is possible to use a crisis for your good as long as you take the proper measures and control the situation before it blows out of hand.

Monitoring Competitors

Besides knowing what people say about your brand and industry, social listening also gives you an insight into your competitors. Through the online conversations, you know why some customers prefer your competitors and what the latter are up to. Your competitors may be launching new products, marketing strategies, and other vital aspects that affect you.

With the right and adequate knowledge, you should plan adequately and beat them at their game. It is easier to win when you understand all the threats and opportunities involved in the battlefield and how your competitor is armed. Social listening is your most powerful tool in such circumstances.

Why NetbaseQuid Is A Powerful Social Listening Tool?

Netbase Quid is a powerful consumer and marketing intelligence platform for both the current and future generations. It allows you access to contextual insights which reveal business trends besides connecting with consumers and understanding your competitors and the entire industry.

If you have been looking for a perfect way to fuel consumer and market intelligence for your company, then Netbase Quid is the social media listening toolyou’ve been missing. This platform is ideal for marketing professionals and marketing researchers thanks to being a great social media listening tool besides providing many other products.

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