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Myths about Custom doors

by Gerua Senia

Custom doors are too expensive: While custom doors may cost more than standard, pre-made doors, they often offer a higher quality and greater range of options. The cost can also be offset by the improved aesthetic, durability, and functionality they provide.

Custom doors are only for high-end homes: Custom doors can be designed to fit any style or budget. From elegant and upscale to simple and functional, there’s a custom door solution for every home.

Custom doors are hard to maintain: Custom doors are often made of high-quality materials that are built to last, making maintenance a breeze. They can be finished with durable coatings that help to resist wear and tear and can be easily cleaned with regular household cleaning products.

Custom doors take too long to install: While custom doors may take longer to design and build than pre-made doors, the process of installation can be just as quick and easy as with standard doors.

Custom doors are difficult to match with existing décor: With the right design and materials, custom doors can complement any existing décor. Whether you want a door that blends in or one that stands out, custom doors can be designed to match your style and tastes.

Rules not to follow About Custom doors

It is recommended to follow all relevant building codes and regulations when installing custom doors. However, some common rules that should not be disregarded include:

Ignoring door clearances: Proper clearance is required for doors to function properly and ensure ease of use.

Skipping door reinforcements: Reinforcing the door frame and hinges is important for ensuring the door’s durability and stability.

Not considering fire safety: Doors that are part of a fire-rated assembly must meet specific fire-resistance requirements.

Overlooking accessibility requirements: Custom doors must comply with accessibility standards such as those set by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Ignoring energy efficiency: Custom doors can have a significant impact on a building’s energy efficiency, so it’s important to consider materials, insulation, and weather-stripping options.

It is important to consult with a professional or an expert before installing a custom door to ensure that all relevant rules and regulations are being followed.

Mistakes Made by Beginning Custom doors

Here are some common mistakes made by beginners when customizing doors:

Measuring Incorrectly: Taking inaccurate measurements can result in doors that do not fit properly, which can lead to increased energy costs, reduced security, and decreased aesthetic appeal.

Ignoring Safety Requirements: Not following local building codes and safety regulations can result in doors that are unsafe to use.

Choosing the wrong material: Not considering the climate, use, and aesthetic requirements of space when selecting the door material can lead to doors that are easily damaged, don’t insulate well, or don’t match the look of the building.

Not considering the finish: Not selecting a finish that is suitable for the door material and location can result in doors that are easily damaged or that don’t look good.

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