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Keep Your Bathroom Mold Free

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Ever draw a picture or a note in the condensation on your bathroom mirror? Even if you haven’t, you’ve probably thought about it. But did you ever consider how much steam from your shower or bath it took to allow you to draw a heart? It takes a lot, and that mist isn’t just on your mirror, it’s everywhere in your bathroom!

Condensation in your bathroom is a major cause of mold, but you can do plenty of things to keep the pesky fungus in check.

Light and Ventilation

A first step in keeping mold at bay is to ensure your bathroom has good lighting and ventilation. Mold and mildew grow fastest in a damp environment, especially if it’s dark.

That means keep your window open a bit if it’s warm outside and run your exhaust fan while you are showering. You should also run the fan after your bath and keep that light on for 10-15 minutes too. Doing so will allow the walls to dry.

Mold and Plumbing Services

While you may be able to keep your bathroom dry and free of mold with mildew resistant paint and regular cleaning, you’ll also want to keep things mopped up.

If you notice leaks around your toilet or under the sink, you’ve got to do more than just dry the floor.

If you’re handy and can take care of those leaks yourself, get at it! If not, you may need a plumbing service to avoid more costly bills (and mold) in the future.

Either way, keep an eye on your grout (that stuff between your tiles). It’s porous and can attract mold in places all over the bath. So, clean it regularly with a stiff brush and you’ll help keep mold away for years.

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