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Is It Possible For A Minor To Lodge A Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

by Gerua Senia

The wrongful death attorneys in Stockton, California, are well aware of the devastation that can be caused when a member of one’s family is killed in an accident that could have been avoided if it were not for another person’s carelessness or organization. These attorneys have seen firsthand the impact such a tragedy can have on a family.

We are also aware that the psychological impact of their loss far transcends any immediate repercussions on their financial situation.

When the deceased person is a minor, it is far more challenging to file a claim for wrongful death in court. This further complicates the situation.

Stockton wrongful death attorney may be able to explain the state’s laws and the choices open to survivors who have lost a parent due to negligence. This will allow the survivors to grieve in peace without worrying about how they will make ends meet.

Can A Minor In California File A Complaint For Wrongful Conviction?

Their surviving children have the right to launch a wrongful death action in the state of California if either one or both of their parents are killed as a consequence of an event that occurred due to another person’s negligence.

If such a terrible event occurs, the young kid or children need to have a guardian appointed before a lawsuit for wrongful termination may be launched.

Two possibilities exist for this to happen:

  • The parent(s) designated a guardian in a legal document such as a will, bequest, or agreement.
  • The court will appoint a guardian to look out for the children’s best interests.
  • If a person is appointed legal guardian of a minor, they can represent that little in a wrongful death suit.

Likewise, if the estate files a lawsuit, the children may be entitled to receive compensation for their losses as part of any settlement or jury award.

In A Case Of Wrongful Death, What Sort Of Damages Will Be Sought On Behalf Of The Minor?

The child is entitled to certain damages as outlined by California’s wrongful death statute.

This group consists of the following:

  • Hospital and medical expenses, if any, incurred by the parent(s) before their passing
  • Price of a funeral and burial
  • Expired and future financial backing was lost
  • Lack of care, concern, companionship, and direction

Consult with the Stockton personal injury lawyers for free if you need help deciding whether or not to file a wrongful death claim in California on behalf of a kid.

How Often Does California Experience Wrongful Death?

Anyone can get hurt if negligence is a factor. Their lives can be ended prematurely because of someone else’s carelessness.

Wrongful deaths in California typically involve, but are not limited to, the following situations:

  • Collisions involving automobiles
  • Automobile accidents involving large commercial trucks
  • Attacks and bites from dogs
  • Incidents Involving Motorcycles
  • Mishaps involving pedestrians
  • Accidents that occur on someone else’s property fall under the purview of “premise

Suppose you are the parent or legal guardian of a juvenile who has lost a parent or parents, and you are considering filing a wrongful death case on their behalf. In that case, you should call personal injury attorneys as soon as possible to set up a free consultation. If you are a parent or legal guardian of a juvenile who has lost a parent or parents, Ncvle will help you, how to call personal injury attorneys as soon as possible. They will be provided with a summary of the steps that need to be followed to protect the child’s interests and investigate their legal options, enabling them to move forward with their vital claim.

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