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How to Get Your MLB Fix During COVID-19

by Paul Petersen

The world is currently going through an interesting stage, to say the least, which is impacting every facet of our lives. We can’t get a haircut, go out for dinner, or even leave our house, but the biggest drag of all for any sports fan is the lack of sport to watch. With the shutdown of live sport, people all over the USA are turning to the MLB heroes of yesteryear, watching reruns of their favorite matches and stars like Roger Clemens and Ken Griffey Jr. This sudden enthusiasm in past champions of the game is having an interesting impact, people are buying memorabilia such as Ken Griffey Jr jerseys.

We have put together a list of how baseball fans can still get their fix of the sport or fill their time, even while our lives are currently on lockdown.

  • Play baseball in the back yard — While we are all working from home, it’s a great opportunity to spend time outside, enjoying the spring air. Take back the time you would normally have been driving to work and work on sharpening up your baseball skills in your yard or the local open space.
  • Watch classic reruns — The MLB has many recent and historic games available for you to reemerge yourself with the champions of your youth. Take a trip down memory lane by watching the first baseball match you ever attended, or your dad’s favorite team. Check the MLB YouTube channel and throw a hotdog on the grill, this might be an all-nighter.
  • Follow your favorite baseball players on social media — It’s fun to keep tabs on what your baseball heroes are doing, having a behind the scene’s perspective of the life of a professional athlete in such bizarre times.
  • Donate funds for healthcare supplies via MLB site — If you are feeling a little disconnected, this may be a time to make a difference by donating funds to help in this crisis. The funds go towards buying supplies such as face masks for the health care workers on the frontline.
  • Volunteer remotely for text helpline — You may find yourself with countless hours of free time now you are bound to home, so why not put that time to a great cause. You can help by volunteering remotely at the MLB backed Crisis Text Line, offering support via messages to people suffering from issues such as bullying, self-harm, or suicidal thoughts.

So, if your sentimentality kicks in while in lockdown, you too can join the trend in buying Aaron Judge, Mike Schmidt, or Ken Griffey Jr jerseys online in anticipation for the 2020 season to start.

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