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How To Get Your Home Ready For Sale

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Successfully selling your home normally marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life, whether relocating to a new home or scaling down your assets.  Completing the sale and passing your house to its new owners usually relieves quite a bit of stress, but first comes the complex and sometimes arduous process of putting it on the market, getting it seen, and introducing it to the right buyers.

Listing Your House

Consider your options for making your house available on the market.  A fortuitous sale involves a thorough knowledge of the local real estate climate, eye-catching high-resolution images, listing descriptions, extensive paperwork, and coordinating showings.

You can choose the for sale by owner route and handle this yourself or entrust it to an agent for a commission fee.

Making a Profit and Paying Off Mortgage Companies

Of course you’ll want to take advantage of one of the main benefits of selling and make a profit to finance another home or other investments.

Many sellers are still in the process of paying off a mortgage on a house when they put it on the market, so when it sells payment goes first to cover the remainder of the mortgage and closing costs, and the seller receives the rest.

Sellers should contact their mortgage companies for real numbers on what they’ll pay off upon selling, because their current mortgage statement may not reflect interest accrued at the time of the sale.

Preparing Your Home For Showing

If you’re balancing the sale of your home with moving into a new one, things can get overwhelming fast.  Still, your best chance of attracting seriously interested buyers and solid offers is keeping it ready for guests at a moment’s notice.

Task yourself with a few maintenance chores each day and stagger them through the week, concentrating on what buyers will notice and what may color their opinions, like dusting, clean windows and floors, and sterilized kitchens and bathrooms.

People want to see large airy spaces and ample storage in a home, and the wisest way to show this off is to pare down your belongings, including your furniture, and keep storage areas as empty as you can.  A profitable sale makes briefly renting a storage unit worth it.

Minimalism not only gives a clean look but leaves you with fewer surfaces to keep dusted and polished while showing the house.  Stage furniture closer to the center of the room to make areas appear cavernous, and be sure personal items are gone to create a blank canvas for potential buyers to imagine as their own.

Well-Chosen Upgrades

In putting more money into your house to prepare for selling, you’ll want to get the most bang for your buck.  Concentrate on investments most likely to be recouped that will bear the most influence on a first impression.

Repaint wherever needed and add fresh plants and mulch to the yard.  Replace any visibly weathered appliances with affordable high-quality upgrades.  Look for simple ways to prevent a dated look, such as new hardware and curtains.

Keep in mind that after this multi-faceted journey, you’ll be able to relax in your new home.

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