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How To Carry Out A Sports Betting Analysis

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Making a sports bet can be exciting and very beneficial, depending on how successful we are. Therefore, knowing that our money is at stake, we should never bet without having previously analyzed the betting offers, and without being clear about the method that we are going to apply in our forecast, since that is the basis for increasing our hit percentage.

Thus, in this article, we will explain how to analyze a bet, how to design your methodology, and what we should take into account and what not.

Methodologies And Variables For Betting Analysis

Although performing analysis and a method of gambling can indeed be tremendously complex, it is possible to be successful considering a few variables. Taking an example of a football match, we could consider the following variables:

  1. Results As Local And Visitor

Except for the top playing teams, practically most football teams tend to achieve better results at home and worse as a visitor. Therefore, when betting, it is key to know who plays at home and what results he has been reaping before all kinds of teams—the same for the one who plays as a visitor.

  1. Dynamics Of Both Teams

This variable is quite related to the previous one and makes us focus on how both teams arrive at the match, what results they have been obtaining in the last matches both at home and away. These data allow us to trace a team dynamic, which not only affects the way each team prepares and faces the match, but also allows us to see how they can react when they are ahead on the scoreboard when having a footballer sent off or injured.

  1. Head-2-Head

Another critical factor to take into account is H2H. The results that have occurred when they have faced each other and that, in many cases, do not coincide with the dynamics or situations of one and the other at that time. That is to say, two teams can arrive in an opposing qualifying situation and dragging dynamics of totally different results, but when it comes to facing each other, the matches are usually very even.

Thus, applying these principles, a suitable methodology can be developed that, in most cases, substantially increases our success rate in the sports forecasts we make.

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