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How To Boost Confidence In NEET?

by Donny Stock

“Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try.”

To accomplish anything, one first must try. A combination of hard and smart work is the key to success and when it comes to achieving victory at NEET 2021, the tactic is no different.

A major hurdle for most of the students is the confidence factor. Many lack this factor and give into the test anxiety. While it is absolutely normal to feel jittery before NEET, some students find it debilitating. Feelings of dreadness, lack of concentration, racing thoughts combined with a headache, racing heartbeat, nausea are some of its signs. Whether we like it or not, for most of us, test anxiety has the potential to derail weeks, months and even years’ hard work.

While it is imperative to have 360-degree preparation, being well aware of the content, a major part of preparedness is also contributed by a proper state of mind. With this one can excel at NEET and show off their learning.

Ways to Boost Confidence at NEET 2021

Listed below are suggestions which you can simply follow to perform better at NEET 2021, secure good ranks all with stress levels intact.


There is absolutely no replacement or shortcut to good preparation. One of the best ways to study is not to cram and rush at the eleventh hour. There is research in fact which suggests that a person who studies and takes a break performs better in a test as opposed to those who study for twice as long and then enters straight into the exam hall.

Experts suggest that giving enough time for the brain to function by sleeping is vital in order for it to consolidate your learnings throughout the day. Consequently, in simpler words, it is better to study an hour for 4 days rather than 4 hours just before the test.

Make note of Your Learnings

It is true when it is said that people tend to retain more of what they are engaged with rather than merely reading something or hearing it. One tends to remember something that one teaches or applies. Hence, taking notes about your learnings is crucial. As we start jotting down, it is more likely for the brain to record and recall learnings later.

One more way is to indulge in group studies or have a mentor to discuss learnings with. It opens a great forum for discussions. This way information can be related and interlinked to concepts for better retention of information. Hence, we are able to comprehend concepts better.

Optimistic approach

Attitude is key both while preparing and while taking the test in the exam hall. Precisely, a positive mindset opens the mind, relaxes the body and makes it easy to concentrate and recall learnings.

To help you on your big day, do small changes every day. Instil a practice of yoga or some mild mind-calming exercises. This when performed under stressful situations can certainly contribute to improving one’s mood. It might just be the most practical and easy to do things, especially when at the exam hall. 

Stop Comparing

It might be that you are following or keeping a close watch on what your friends are studying or how much they have covered or their level of preparedness can be intimidating. Avoid comparing someone else’ preparations with yours. Instead, devote the same time to find ways to improve your strategies and tactics.

Last-minute Preparation

It is important to have the exact briefing of the exam day, the instructions to be followed right from entering the exam hall to answering the questions. Ensure you have read all the details carefully which are provided on the official website of NEET.

Also, in the last few days before the exam, devote time to revise and practice. Avoid picking up any new topic at this juncture, as we do not want any confusion at the last minute.

Healthy lifestyle

Make it a point to drink enough water and eat a healthy and balanced diet. Also, ensure to have an active lifestyle and indulge in activities at regular intervals. This was brief on NEET preparation. Explore related topics on NEET by subscribing to BYJU’S YouTube Channel.

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