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How Modern Organizations Manage Leaves Of Employees With No Confusion

by Donny Stock

Employees are the backbone of any organization. Their giving 100% to their jobs is important as it reflects in the overall growth of the organization. An organization performs better whose employees perform exceptionally. However, employees cannot be their best all the time. They have social and family obligations to fulfill too. Sometimes, their physical and mental capabilities need rejuvenating too. Therefore, employees prefer those organizations where leave policies are supportive of their good state of health.

Thus, leave management is an important part of human resource management activities. HR personnel keep record of the leaves available and availed by the employees. This used to be old way of managing things. Now this work is done by payroll software.

The payroll software helps in managing leaves of the employees by transferring full control of access to them through a sign-in module. The employees benefit from this software because:

  1. It provides crisp record of paid and unpaid leaves: The employees can simply sign in to the self service portal and see for themselves the records such as – pending leaves, approved leaves, emergency leaves taken, paid leaves, leaves available for encashment and others. Thus, they can manage their work and life by planning leaves at leisure.
  2. It indicates red flags to employers too: Frequent instances of unplanned leaves or calling in sick without notice raises concerns. The HR department can sit with the employee to discuss the issue and try to arrive upon a workable solution.
  3. It gives error-free salary calculation support: With the help of paid and unpaid leaves taken in any month, the processing of payroll becomes easier and clearer. Thus, salaries are processed in record minimal time making employees happy by timely salary disbursement.

Clear records maintained in chronological order and made alteration-proof completely through employee self service portal can be a key to employee satisfaction. These speak good about the brand reputation too.

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