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How Do You Identify Quality Solar Power Leads

by Donny Stock

The solar industry happens to be one of the fastest-growing renewable energy industries. Despite the potential of the solar industry, identifying solar power leads is a major challenge that solar installation companies face. Before making a significant purchase, most prospective solar customers turn to the internet to understand the solar purchase and installation process along with the cost. This is an opportunity for solar companies to highlight their products to get customers’ attention. Digital marketing is a useful tool that solar companies make use of which can be applied to various strategies to generate solar power leads.

The following are ways in which solar companies identify solar power leads.

1. Referral System

The solar industry has survived off a referral system until now and this trend will likely continue. Installing a panel in a particular house can spread the word to the locality. Solar companies that have solid strategies in place to capture good reviews of their work displayed them on their website, mainly, the homepage. Link building is an effective mechanism as getting authoritative sources to link to the company’s work increases credibility. 

2. Favoring Education over Advertising

While advertising has its perks in terms of generating traffic to a webpage, it can also do the exact opposite if over-utilized. A recent study suggests that 4 out of 5 people have left a webpage because of pop-up ads. Solar companies need to use ads in moderation and focus more on educating potential buyers. Providing useful content will educate them on the practices and procedures that the company follows which could serve as a way of building trust as well as credibility. Ensuring that the content is concise and informative is the greatest asset when it comes to generating traffic and getting people to engage with a business. 

3. Intelligent Keyword Research

Keyword research is necessary for any company that is looking to launch or maintain a successful digital marketing campaign. Solar marketing differs from any other industry because most people don’t know that they are looking for solar until they land on a page that suggests the same. This is one of the key characteristics of any market that is about to boom- it is important to show people what they want before they know they are looking for it. 

4. Master SERPs

If a company can get to the top of a Search Engine Result Page (SERP) ethically, then most of the work is already done. Around 70-80% of people skip past paid ads and go for the first few organic results that they see. Being seen on the first page increases credibility and at the same time, outnumbers competitors. If a company’s website is seen as an authoritative, informational source in a scientific field, then people will land on the page through multiple searches which can only increase leads and generate more traffic.

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