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How A Newport Beach Drug and Alcohol Rehab Facility Can Change Your Life

by Paul Petersen

In order for an addict to stop using and start leading a healthier life, they need the proper tools to do so. Thanks to the assistance that a Newport Beach drug and alcohol rehab facility can provide, this task has never been easier. While the process of enrollment can be simple, there are sure to be some major challenges along the way.

So how can a Newport Beach drug and alcohol rehab facility help you change your life and start making the right decisions? Let’s take a closer look at the five most important advantages that these facilities have to offer:

1. Establishing Healthier Boundaries

In many instances, those who struggle with drug and alcohol abuse are unable to establish the boundaries that will lead to healthier decision making. They allow their friends and family members to assume a heavy burden when it comes to taking care of them daily.

The boundaries that allow for healthy relationships are never built and this leads to addictive patterns. A Newport Beach drug and alcohol rehab facility gives you a greater understanding of those boundaries and how to stay healthy going forward.

2. Building New Habits

One of the toughest parts of remaining sober once you have completed treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab facility is creating a new lifestyle. You are going to have to start from scratch, building the new habits that will keep you on the right track.

Most residents with a history of drug and alcohol abuse do not have the best self-care habits and their self-discipline may be lacking. When you spend time with the professionals at a rehab facility, you are given the tools that you need to set and accomplish your goals. That’s what building new habits is all about.

3. Addressing the Underlying Issues

What draws the resident to their drug of choice? Are you using drugs and alcohol to cope with stress? Are you looking to numb your emotional pain? Do you wish to avoid responsibility? These are the types of underlying issues that a Newport Beach drug and alcohol rehab facility helps you to address. You must be willing to peel back the protective layers that keep you from truly understanding your destructive habits.

4. Learning About Addiction

Once you are no longer using drugs and alcohol, you are able to think more clearly about the addiction you are facing. A rehabilitation facility provides you with the necessary insight that allows you to identify your personal triggers. This provides you with the knowledge that you need to steer clear of them in the future.

5. Breaking the Chain of Addiction

People who have become addicted to drugs and alcohol will benefit from spending time in a drug free environment. They will be surrounded by people who are going to continue to hold them accountable for their behavior. Detox may be required for some addicts, but it is not always a necessity. Even if detox takes place, this is just a precursor to the real work that is done in a rehab facility.

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